God’s Persecuted People

Jesus, You are our Savior,
our Sacrifice,
the Faithful and True Witness,
the Lamb slain for our salvation.
We are Your followers,
Your servants,
Your friends,
Your bride.
Loving Savior, we are Your own Body.

We share Your glory, and
we share Your shame.
We share Your honor, and
we share Your suffering.
We share Your strength
and Your weakness,
Your joy
and Your sorrow.
We share Your death and
Your everlasting life.

Our desire
and our destiny
is to share in all You are.
As You depended on the Father
and were complete and sufficient in Him,
we depend on You
and are complete and sufficient in You.

Lead on,
conquering Savior!
We love You! We trust You!
We take up our cross and
follow wherever You lead! 

Listen and sing:
Hymn: Hymn for the Persecuted Church (JEFFERSON 2)
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Tell Your Story

A reflection on Revelation 15:1-4,
a vision of victorious believers in heaven

Like all of God’s children,
we each have our own stories to tell,
amazing stories about
God’s deliverance,
God’s grace,
God’s faithfulness.
Though all our stories express the same truth,
each is unique.
Our backgrounds,
our life situations,
our sins and struggles
are highly varied.
Yet together,
they form a vast and stunning mosaic of the one
unchanging God.

Only together,
as we each tell our own story,
can we truly and fully proclaim the God who is
always Almighty,
always loving,
always wise,
always faithful,
always merciful,
always forgiving,
always sufficient for every need,
always true,
always just, and
always good.

Join the symphony!
We are incomplete without you!
Praise our God as only you can!
Tell your story! 

Listen and sing:
Hymn: We Look Behind at All You’ve Done
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Peace in the Storm

Printed Music

The storm engulfs my soul.
O God, You claim You’re here,
But all I see is wind and waves,
And all I feel is fear.

The troubles flooding in
Defy my frantic prayer.
O Savior, are You sound asleep?
O Jesus, do You care?

I long for quick relief.
You long for all my best.
I call You to my anxious fear.
You call me to Your rest.

Almighty, present God,
Each moment fill my view.
My peace is not a circumstance
But always, only You.

Walk with Me

“Come, follow me.” (Mark 1:17, NIV) 

I get overwhelmed with the world’s needs. Billions are dying of physical and spiritual hunger. Desperate problems surround me every day.

I ask God, “What should I do?” He answers: Walk with Me.

When I start over-organizing my life, He says: Walk with Me.

When I get too preoccupied with my work and ministry, He whispers: Walk with Me.

That was Jesus’ call to His first disciples. They learned to live and serve by being with Him, listening to Him, and obeying Him situation by situation.

Nothing has changed. Effective living and effective service still flow from walking with Him step-by-step. 

Listen and sing:
Hymn: Day by Day in You, Our Lord
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Energetic Waiting

A prayer response to Revelation 14:6-20,
visions of the last days

Father, You call us to
wait on You.
But the waiting You want is not
Waiting on You is
active and
You call us to wait
focused on You,
trusting You,
obeying You,
glorifying You,
serving You wholeheartedly,
eagerly anticipating
our full joining with You.

Father, we believe that You are
all You say You are.
We believe You will do
all You say You will do.
You say You will judge the world
in perfect righteousness.
You say Your judgment
could come at any moment.
You say Your judgment
will determine our eternal destiny:
deep and endless life or
deep and endless death,
unending joy in You or
unspeakable separation from You.

So, today and every day
we will await Your coming
actively and
Our hearts will be standing at the door,
listening, and
longing for You. 

Listen and sing:
Hymn: Come, Our Lord!
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Our Lord I AM

Printed Music


Hear the worlds all whispering His name.
Mountains flee before Him.
All who know Him tremble at His voice.
All who fear adore Him.
Pure, complete, and evermore the same,
None can speak all His splendor in a name.
Bow down.
He is I AM.


Who can stop the torrent of His love?
Who can test its measure?
Who can feel the fire of His heart?
Who conceive its treasure?
Veiled in glory, near and yet so far,
Life and love are the light of who You are.
You are the Lord
Our life, our Lord I AM.


Pure, complete, and evermore the same,
None can speak all His splendor in a name.
You are the Lord
Our life, our Lord I AM.

Reflection on Psalm 1

O Father, how blessed and wonderful are
Your words to us!
Through them You freely share
Your deeds,
Your ways,
Your character, and
Your heart.

As I read, meditate, and pray over them,
You fill my mind and heart with Yourself,
O magnificent Father!
As I turn to You and
trust You day by day,
Your unbounded life courses through me and
keeps me fruitful and alive in You.
Without You, I am chaff –
quickly driven away by the winds of time.

With You and
in You
I am nourished by Your Spirit.
I am known and loved
as Your child.

Praise to You, my Father!

Listen and sing:
Hymn: Psalm 1
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We Wait on You

A prayer response to Revelation 14:6-20,
a series of visions

Father, a voice within me is screaming:
“We are tired of waiting!
God, it’s time for You to act!
You see what Your world is going through!
How can You just sit by and do nothing?”

“Lord, I am tired of waiting!
I am ready to act myself!
I have ideas!
I have big plans!
But when I ask You to guide and provide,
the only response I hear is

Father, I know what Your silence means.
Your silence tells me to wait on You.
Your Word tells me to wait on You.
My history of failure tells me to wait on You.
The saints of all the ages implore me to

So today I will simply be Your humble servant.
Today I will joyfully perform the little services
You give me to perform.
Today I will be loving and kind.
Today I will be faithful.
Today I will be prayerful.
Today I will listen for Your whispers
and obey.
Today I will remain fully available to You
moment by moment.

Father, Your ways are always wise, and
Your timing is always perfect.
I will wait on You.
We will wait on You.

Listen and sing:
Hymn: Waiting for Our Lord
Printed Music & Lyrics

New in Christ

Printed Music

New in Christ, now one with our Creator!
All the peace of Eden is restored.
Hear His voice, and feel the morning beauty.
Walk through the day with your loving Lord.
Jesus Christ, our God and now our brother,
Bore our curse and died with all our sin.
Life is complete as He lives within us.
We are holy as we walk with Him.

Risen Son, the first of many children!
Now in Christ a holy race is born.
All will share His glory and His goodness.
See how He glows in their face and form!
Now they come from every tribe and nation.
Feel their joy forever pure and strong!
Hear as they swell to a sea of worship!
Look to Christ and join their mighty song!

Worship by Faith

Without faith it is impossible to please God, because anyone who comes to him must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who earnestly seek Him. (Hebrews 11:6, NIV)

Every act of worship is the fruit of faith.
To worship, we must believe that:
God exists, and
as we respond to Him,
He will respond to us;
He calls us to worship Him in spirit and in truth;
He is self-existent,
while we depend entirely on Him;
His authority is so absolute and His perfections so infinite that
we must put all we are under His control now and forever; that
we justly owe Him every thought, word, and deed.

To worship is to believe these truths and to live accordingly.

Listen and sing:
Hymn: Responding to Our Father
Printed Music & Lyrics

by Brother Lawrence and Ken Bible