The Jewel

A prayer response to Revelation 21:9-21,
the New Jerusalem

Father, in the new creation
Your splendor in
Your Son
will be
the Light of the world and
the glory of all the universe.

We Your people,
redeemed from every age and nation,
will be fully formed as
Your temple,
Your dwelling place.
We will be expertly prepared,
pure and transparent, so that
Your blazing glory,
the light of all You are, will shine
within us and
out through us
Your presence within will make us
glow and
like a precious jewel.
We will be perfectly fashioned to radiate
Your love,
Your life,
Your holiness,
Your boundless joy.

All the universe will bask in the beauty of
Your presence in
Your people.

Listen and sing:
Hymn: Revelation 21
Printed Music & Lyrics

Psalm 11

What a privilege and
comfort to
take refuge in
Almighty God!

Printed Music 

When problems rise and pressures build,
When hopes all prove untrue,
And when I long to run away,
I run, my Lord, to You.

My solid rock, my hiding place,
My joy, my strength, my song,
Unchanged, forever good and right
When all the world is wrong.

O Sovereign God enthroned above,
Let all my heart be still
And in the silence simply trust
The kindness of Your will.

Eternal Lord, I rest in You,
In pure and perfect grace,
Till joy and peace and praise are full
And love is face-to-face.


by Ken Bible, © 2018




Beatitudes, week 2 


Monday –      Blessed Are the Merciful
         Hymn: Let Mercy Shine (recording) (printed)

Tuesday –     Blessed Are the Pure in Heart
         Hymn: Holy in Me (recording) (printed)

Wednesday – Blessed Are the Peacemakers
         Hymn: God of Peace (recording) (printed)

Thursday –    Blessed Are the Persecuted
         Hymn: Captives of Eternal Love (recording) (printed)

Friday –          The Beatitudes Describe Jesus
         Hymn: All in You, Breath by Breath (recording) (printed)

Saturday –     Hymn: Lord, Life Becomes More Simple (recording) (printed)


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Unbroken Oneness

A prayer response to Revelation 21:5-8,
all things new and God all-in-all

Father, in the new creation, the source of the entire
glorious transformation
will be Your
unveiled presence.
Your life force,
Your unbridled joy,
will make all things new.
You will be
the life,
the splendor, and
the holiness of the new heaven and earth.

We Your people will finally
see You and
live in You and
know You
for what You have always been:
the Beginning and the End,
the Source and the Goal.
All of life,
every breath, will be lived
from You,
through You, and
to You.

As Your true children,
all that is will be ours
in You.
But our greatest inheritance will be
You, Yourself.
As You are the joy, peace, and sufficiency of Your Son Jesus,
You will be our joy, peace, and sufficiency,
constantly, completely, forever.

Heaven will be
oneness with You.

Listen and sing:
Hymn: Imagine Your Creator’s Breath
Printed Music & Lyrics

We Come and Rest

Ponder Jesus’ tender invitation in
Matthew 11, and
rest in Him.

Printed Music 

Our Father God, unselfish King,
How fierce the burning love You bring!
We need Your truth, despite its sting,
So through our fears, we come, we come.

We cling to anxious self and pride.
You help us lay each one aside.
You leave our need no place to hide.
O patient God, we come, we come.

From constant, crushing self-concern,
From worthiness we’ve tried to earn
In simple, humble faith we turn
To rest in You, O God. We come.

Fulfill the hunger now begun:
To know You fully in Your Son.
To live and love and breathe as one,
O Father God, we come, we come.


by Ken Bible, © 2012




Beatitudes, week 1 


Monday –      Living in the Father’s Presence
         Hymn: Children of the Lord (recording) (printed)

Tuesday –     Blessed
         Hymn: Beatitudes Hymn (recording) (printed)

Wednesday – Blessed Are the Poor in Spirit
         Hymn: Poor in Spirit (recording) (printed)

Thursday –    Blessed Are Those Who Mourn
         Hymn: We Mourn (recording) (printed)

Friday –          Blessed Are the Meek
         Hymn: Meekness (recording) (printed)

Saturday –     Hunger and Thirst for Righteousness
         Hymn: We Taste Your Life and Long for More (recording) (printed)


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Our Joining

A prayer response to Revelation 21:1-4,
the holy city and the new creation

O Father, the new creation!
How we long for it!
All the root of sin and
all the fruit of sin
will be gone
completely and forever.

But surely the crown of the new creation
will be the crown of the first creation:
Your people,
made in Your own image,
breath of Your own breath,
life of Your own life.
We who were once
stained by sin,
bound by death,
far away and
will be the pure and glorious bride of
Your own dear Son.
As His bride, we will not arise from the earth but will
descend from heaven itself,
perfectly prepared and
beautifully adorned
by You.

In Jesus Christ, Your holy and loving Son, we will be
intimately joined with You
in perfect, constant, eternal union,
with all trace of separation gone forever.
One with You, Father.
One in Your Son, Jesus Christ.

O Lord, how we long for His return!
How we yearn for our joining!

Listen and sing:
Hymn: Christ and His Bride
Printed Music & Lyrics

Psalm 27

with this bright, singable hymn setting for
a favorite Psalm of
faith and

Printed Music

My Lord, my Light, my Savior,
Almighty, ever near,
In You, my Strength, my Stronghold,
What power should I fear?
With evil all around me,
Its darkest threats displayed,
O God, You are my fortress.
My heart is not afraid.

Your presence is my longing,
The hunger of my soul;
Your praise, my deepest pleasure,
My all-consuming goal.
When trouble swirls around me,
You hide me in Yourself,
For You are boundless riches,
All life and joy and health.

Almighty God, I trust You
Through danger and delay,
For You are love and wisdom.
You speak, and I obey.
O God of perfect patience,
So good in all You do,
My Lord, my Light, my Savior,
I wait, I hope in You! 


by Ken Bible, © 2018




Morning, week 3 


Monday –      A Day of Love
         Hymn: In Simple Response to You (recording) (printed)

Tuesday –     Lord, Today
         Hymn: Joy in Your Presence (recording) (printed)

Wednesday – Please Yourself, Lord
         Hymn: One with You, My Jesus (recording) (printed)

Thursday –    Creation’s Prayer
         Hymn: Look! His Goodness Fills the Morning (recording) (printed)

Friday –          Celebrate Your Resurrection
         Hymn: Good Morning, All Who Trust in Christ! (recording) (printed)

Saturday –     Eternal Dawn
         Hymn: I See the New Creation (recording) (printed)


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The Judgment

A reflection on Revelation 20:11-15

Each of us will face Jesus Christ personally, and
He will judge us.
He knows what it is to be human.
He knows our temptations.
He knows the cost of our salvation and
what it provides.
He knows and understands each of us
in every detail,
with nothing hidden.

He will judge from His great white throne in
absolute authority and
absolute rightness.
His judgment will be final and
without appeal.

He will judge us according to our deeds.
We are saved by faith,
but our daily lives are the
indisputable evidence of our faith.
We will each be judged by our
relationship with Jesus Christ.

Those found in Him will go on to an
even higher life.
Those separated from Him will be cast into an
even deeper death.

Salvation is by faith in Jesus Christ.
Trust Him.
Follow Him.
Live as He lived.
Love as He loved.

Listen and sing:
Hymn: When I Face You, Lord
Printed Music & Lyrics