Free Book Downloads

Free downloads are available for each of the following books by author and hymn-writer Ken Bible. The downloads are in pdf format.

For each book, click the title to bring up the book pdf, then click the download icon (downward arrow) in the upper right-hand corner to download the book pdf.


IN CHRIST is a “compact” book. It consists of links to 114 devotional readings and 115 recorded hymns. All focus on the blessings, the joys, the wonder of living in Christ, with Christ living in us. What a wonderful, living, eternal union! Chapters include: Risen with Christ; Filled with Christ; Growing in Christ-likeness; Holy in Christ; Complete in Christ; and more. Everything is downloadable and free!


A Resource for Lent & Easter

Here are:
         Devotional reflections and prayers
         New hymns, each with a link to a free, downloadable recording
         Seasonal scriptures
Use this free download to:
         Enrich your personal devotions during the Lent and Easter seasons;
         Compile your own seasonal program or musical;
         Supplement your congregational singing.
All are divided into topical sections, detailed on the Contents page, so
         you can easily find resources for
         whatever topic or part of the season you are seeking.
         a fresh, meaningful, all-around resource
         for the entire Lent and Easter seasons.


TODAY IN CHRIST is a daily devotional with 366 readings, including reflections, prayers, and recorded hymns. The book’s focus is nurturing your daily relationship with God. Included are broad topics such as prayer, Bible reading, faith, and relationships, as well as specialized topics like finding God’s will, resisting temptation, and money. The goal: to encourage the reader to know Him, trust Him, desire Him, and grow in Him. Many of the daily readings end with a link to a recorded hymn.

You can draw closer to our Magnificent God, and this book can help.



Devotional Book

For centuries, leaders and lay-persons alike have recommended The Practice of the Presence of God as a priceless guide to a constant walk with God. It was originally published as a series of letters, conversations, and maxims, with almost no organization of thought. Here it appears in new dress:

  • rewritten for clarity
  • ideas logically organized
  • arranged into daily devotional readings
  • interwoven with thought-provoking, contemporary hymns, with links to free online recordings

You can walk closer to God all day, every day. This book can help.


Prayers & Hymns

Prepare your heart and mind for worship with these fifty-two prayers. Each prayer is followed by an original hymn text that enriches the impact of the prayer (links provide free recordings and printed music as well). Used weekly, these prayers and hymns will help tune your thoughts to God and His purposes for our gatherings. Thirty-six of the prayers are non-seasonal, while sixteen are for special days and seasons. At the back of the book is a bonus feature, “A Christ-centered Year”. This set of readings reminds us that Jesus Christ is the focus of the entire Christian year. Every special day and every season point to Him.


Thought-provoking reflections, prayers, and new hymns
for Advent, Christmas, and Epiphany

Enrich your celebration of Christ’s coming with this treasury of devotional resources. Go beyond angels, shepherds, and wise men. See Christ and worship Christ in the light of Old Testament prophecy, New Testament fulfillment, and promises of His coming again. Fill your heart, mind, and imagination with all He is. Included are hymn links that provide free recordings and printed music. The sections include: Introducing Jesus Christ; Promises of Christ’s Coming; Christ Has Come!; Epiphany: The Light of the World; Promises of His Coming Again.