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I Am from You

The Lord God formed man of dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living being. (Genesis 2:7, NASB)

God, in a way, our relationship is private and personal,
one that You and I share alone.
It’s an organic relationship,
as fundamental as my substance,
as my existence.
I am from You.

I turn back to You now as demands leave me
uncertain and
seeking support.
I am from You.

I don’t just have my source in You.
I’m not a child now seeking independence.
I am a part of You once ripped away,
now seeking reunion.
You are life, and I am alive.
You are reality, and I exist.
You are air, and I am a breath.

Father, I am from You.
Make us one again, I pray.

Father, as I trust You,
my reality is as vast as You are.
I share in Your character,
Your power,
Your goodness, and
Your unlimited future.

Hymn: Imagine Your Creator’s Breath

Psalm 19

A majestic hymn that celebrates
God’s magnificent revelations of Himself
in creation and
in His word.
Set to a familiar tune.

Printed Music

Glory to God! His wisdom shines.
The heavens sing His majesty.
Beyond all words the skies display
A greater Hand than eyes can see.

Glory to God! His wisdom speaks
And freely shares what life can be.
The Word that spun the wondrous worlds
Invites us to their harmony.

Treasures await for all who seek.
What boundless wealth for heart and mind!
His eager Spirit waits to teach
Each word, so rich, so true, so kind.

Read Him above and all around,
And taste the inner wonder stirred.
Then come and freely feast your souls
On all the wonders of His Word.

by Ken Bible, © 2018 by


The Lord’s Prayer 3

Monday –      Pray as One of His Children
Hymn: God of All People (recording) (printed)

Tuesday –     Pray in the Truth
Hymn: Ever Full and Overflowing (recording) (printed)

Wednesday – Preoccupied with Love
Hymn: My Mind Is Yours (recording) (printed)

Thursday –    When I Drive
Hymn: I Look to You, and You Are Love (recording) (printed)

Friday –          I Thank God for You
Hymn: Prayer of Intercession (recording) (printed)

Saturday –     The Bond of Prayer

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You created my inmost being;
you knit me together in my mother’s womb.
I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made.
your works are wonderful.
(Psalm 139:13-14, NIV)

I am Yours—
life, breath, mind, energy,
spirit and body, past and future,
I am entirely Yours.
Conceived by Your love,
knit together by Your infinite wisdom,
born and cradled by Your power,
I am the child of Your very being,
O Lord of all.

You love me.
Father God,
before the mountains could witness it,
You invested yourself in me.
You devoted yourself to my needs.
Driven by love, You held nothing back—
now, then, always.
I don’t understand it, but
everything around me says it is so—
the air, my food and water, every pattern and color,
every conversation with a friend.
Reminders flood my senses from birth through death.

Your glory invites me to come and know You,
and prodded by my needs,
my failures and anxieties,
I look up to You.
I hunger for You.
Father, fulfill in me that unhindered relationship
that Your love has always craved,
that Your wisdom would patiently teach,
that Your power can provide.
Draw my life energies into yourself,
the Source and Goal of all I am.
Enable me to become all I can become,
to grow, to learn, to discover and aspire,
but all in You and unto You.

nurture that trust within me.
Nurture that love.

True wealth is not possessing, but
being possessed by
all-wise God.

Hymn: God of the Universe

Psalm 25

A hymn setting of a
deeply-meaningful prayer of
consecration and trust
from the Psalms.

Printed Music

To You, O God, I lift my heart,
My life, my self, my soul.
Lord, all within me reaches up!
I long for Your control!
I long for Your control!

Guide every thought and word and deed.
O teach me, loving Lord!
Shine out through me that all may see
Your likeness here restored,
Your likeness here restored.

Deliver me from evil, Lord,
Around and all within,
From all the wrong that stalks my life,
From all the lies of sin,
From all the lies of sin.

My eyes are fixed on You, O God,
So great, so good, so true!
My highest joy, my one desire,
My hope is only You,
My hope is only You.

by Ken Bible, © 2018 by


The Lord’s Prayer 2

Monday –      The Lord’s Prayer Paraphrased
Hymn: Reign in Me (recording) (printed)

Tuesday –     Our Father in Heaven
Hymn: Father, Your Name (recording) (printed)

Wednesday – I See You More Clearly
Hymn: God My Father (recording) (printed)

Thursday –    You Call Yourself My Father
Hymn: My Loving Father (recording) (printed)

Friday –          Seeing a Greater God
Hymn: High and Holy Sovereign God (recording) (printed)

Saturday –     That Place
Hymn: My Mind Will Be Your Holy Place (recording) (printed)

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I Am His Child

Just as a father has compassion on his children,
So the Lord has compassion on those who fear Him.
For He Himself knows our frame;
He is mindful that we are but dust.
(Psalm 103:13-14, NASB)

God loves us as a parent loves a newborn child.
An infant doesn’t have to earn the parents’ affection.
A baby is loved because of relationship, not because of merit.

Read the beautiful picture painted in Psalm 103.
The Father understands us far better than we understand ourselves.
He never expects us to live like something we’re not.
We don’t need to pretend with Him.

Instead, He takes the initiative to transform us
into more than we can be on our own.
He wants to make us truly His children.
He wants to make us like our Father in every way.

All He asks is that we respond to Him in trust, step-by-step.

Like Your Son, Father,
may my thoughts flow
from You and
to You.
Keep me hungry for
Your glory,
not mine.

Hymn: Holy Father, Only You

God Is in His Temple

This hymn assures us that
always and
in every situation,
no matter how things appear,
“The Lord is in His holy temple;
the Lord is on His heavenly throne”
(Psalm 11:4, NIV).
The tune is familiar, yet fresh.

Printed Music

God is in His temple,
Just and holy Lord,
Just beyond our measure,
Rightness unexplored;
Holy God transcendent,
Wisdom high above,
Ever, only justice,
Ever, only love.

God is in His temple
Though the world is wrong –
Justice ever waiting,
Evil ever strong.
Wait His perfect timing –
Every knee will bow.
As we daily trust Him,
Peace is here and now.

Through all storm and struggle,
God is on His throne,
Love forever sovereign,
Blessing yet unknown.
God is always with us,
Good in all His ways,
Templed in His people,
Throned in grateful praise.

by Ken Bible, © 2018 by


The Lord’s Prayer 1

Monday –      The Lord’s Prayer in Context
Hymn: Today, Father (recording) (printed)

Tuesday –     Six Wishes

Wednesday – How Do I Use This Prayer?
Hymn: Our Father in Heaven (recording) (printed)

Thursday –    The Way I Pray
Hymn: Beyond All Thought (recording) (printed)

Friday –          Turned Toward God
Hymn: As Simply as a Child (recording) (printed)

Saturday –     My Prayer Is a Promise
Hymn: In Simple Response to You (recording) (printed)

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I Am Your Creation

O Lord, you are our Father.
We are the clay, you are the potter;
we are all the work of your hand. (Isaiah 64:8, NIV)

During some periods in my life, I’ve lived in a vague uneasiness about myself. I’ve felt a restlessness, an unsettledness within that was hard to pin down or identify.

Eventually I realized this stemmed from a clouding of my relationship with God. Though I had not totally rejected Him, I was reluctant to face Him, afraid to stand before Him unhidden. Perhaps I had let Satan steal my confidence through his false accusations. Or perhaps sin had crept in, and I knew deep within that I hadn’t been living as I should. As a result, guilt had separated me from a full, joyful relationship with God. I was hesitant to look into His face.

If you’ve ever experienced these feelings, try something with me. Close your eyes and bow your head, and see yourself standing before Him right now. In your heart look Him straight in the face and say, “God, I am Your creation.”

Go ahead, try it.

Listen. How does your heart respond when you say that?

I have a sense of being a child, standing before my Father, with my arms outstretched, looking up into His face. No matter what my struggles, He understands me. My sins and failures have not dampened His love. I’m enveloped in acceptance, an affection, a belonging that goes deeper than my childish inadequacies.

When our children fail or get in trouble, we don’t want them to hide from us or go to other sources for help. It hurts and frustrates our hearts when they won’t share themselves with us, even when they fall. We long for them to come to us and be assured of our love, understanding, and total support, no matter what they’ve done. Our Father is the same with us. We are His. Though sin brings a cloud and a separation from Him, the separation is on our end, not His. The love and acceptance still exist. He yearns for us to turn to Him again.

As I stand before Him as my Creator, realizing I am His very own, worship becomes a living relationship. At such times, words are unnecessary. Communication lines are open from heart to heart, without the formalities of speech. The love I sense for Him is worship. That trust growing within me is the adoration He desires.

Standing there, I long to live always in His presence, in that unbroken fellowship with Him. Sin appears now as foolish and destructive, soiling that beautiful, living relationship. I want Him to seal all my affections forever as His very own. I want to live fully and freely before Him—naturally, as His love designed.

And in that love, I want to glorify Him in every way I can. Creation so beautifully and lavishly glorifies Him, singing constantly of His power, His wisdom, His love. As His creation, I want to take my place in that symphony.

We are His creation, His children. That warm, open relationship is what He wants most for us, and with us. He only asks that we trust Him—trust Him enough to come to Him immediately and repent when we have sinned; trust Him enough to bring Him our needs and concerns; trust Him enough to obey His words of love.

He is a wonderful Father!

Father, You have placed
Your Almighty, holy name on us.
We are cleansed,
exalted, and
forever set apart as Your very own.
Thank You, Father!