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Growing in Christ 3

Monday –      What Gift Would You Give?
Hymn: Lead Me On (recording) (printed)

Tuesday –     Titus 2:11-14
Hymn: Always in You (recording) (printed)

Wednesday – Our Patient Father

Thursday –    Hymn: Growing in God (recording) (printed)

Friday –          Shape Me, Lord
Hymn: Hear His Call (recording) (printed)

Saturday –     Running the Race

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A Living Hymn

The heavens are telling of the glory of God;
And their expanse is declaring the work of His hands.
Day to day pours forth speech,
And night to night reveals knowledge.
There is no speech, nor are there words;
Their voice is not heard.
Their line has gone out through all the earth,
And their utterances to the end of the world.
(Psalm 19:1-4, NASB)

Father, the heavens sing of Your greatness so
beautifully and
Even their silence is
eloquent and

Can I, Your child, do any less?
May my daily kindness sing of Your
warm smile and
open-armed acceptance.
May my generosity sing of Your
great bounty and
eagerness to share.
Let my patience under pressure sing of Your
faithfulness and
gentle strength and
unshakable peace.

Let my joy in every situation remind those around me that You are
always near and
always good.

Father, make my life a hymn to Your great love.

O Father, my Father,
may I always respond to all You are!
Like the mountains,
may I quake at Your footsteps.
Like the green earth,
may I bear rich fruit because of Your presence in me.
May all pride melt away before the fire of
Your magnificence and
Your holiness.

Hymn: God Alone
Printed Music & Lyrics

Created for Union with God

Our loving God created us
as needy creatures in order to
bind us to Himself,
the Source of all.
He has destined us to
eternally share all the riches of His own being.
Set to a familiar tune.

Printed Music

Unbounded, holy Breath,
You flood all time and space,
While we, so here and now,
Are dust and deep disgrace.

Father, Source of all,
All that we pursue,
See us, frail and incomplete.
Our wholeness, Lord, is You.

All-knowing, mighty God,
Pure goodness ever near,
We struggle, small and lost,
All selfishness and fear.

What poverty within!
What unimagined wealth!
You bless us with this need
To bless us with Yourself.

by Ken Bible, © 2019


The Lord’s Prayer 8

Monday –      Deliver Us from Evil #1
Hymn: Keep Us from All Evil (recording) (printed)

Tuesday –     Deliver Us from Evil #2
Hymn: Do You Talk to the Lord? (recording) (printed)

Wednesday – The Closing
Hymn: Great Lord of All Reality (recording) (printed)

Thursday –    Look to Jesus #1
Hymn: Each Moment by Faith (recording) (printed)

Friday –          Look to Jesus #2
Hymn: Breath of His Love (recording) (printed)

Saturday –     For Today
Hymn: Jesus’ Life Is All a Promise (recording) (printed)

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Good to All

The Lord is good to all;
he has compassion on all he has made.
(Psalm 145:9, NIV)

When someone else is “lucky,” I sometimes feel a little jealous.
It’s not a storm of jealousy…just a whisper.

But God has many children, and
He is lavish with them all.
They are my brothers and sisters,
dearly loved by the One I love.
Because they are dear to Him,
they are dear to me.

I see my Lord in them.
I love Him in them.
I serve Him in them.

There is no place for jealousy.

Lord, let praise always be my reaction to Your goodness.

I will rejoice in all our blessings,
even when they fall on the next person,
not on me.

Hymn: A Thankful Heart
Printed Music & Lyrics

Be Still, My Child

This hymn has a special ministry to
hurting, anxious people.
It is a lullaby for adults,
with a melody adapted from a favorite classical piece,
“Traumerei,” by Robert Schumann.

Printed Music

Be still, my child, be still.
You are mine. I am yours. I am with you.
Be still, my child, be still.
Why your grasping, your wanting, your worry?

No fear and no pride.
All you need I provide.
Be content, and

Be still, my child, be still.
Simply rest. You are loved. I am watching.
Be still, my child, be still.
I am here. You can sleep. I will hold you.

No fear by my side.
All you need I provide.
Be content, and

Be still, my child, be still.
You are mine. I am yours. I am with you.
Be still.
Be still.
Be still.

by Ken Bible, © 2012


The Lord’s Prayer 7

Monday –      Keep the Focus on Him
Hymn: Our Father Exalted (recording) (printed)

Tuesday –     Forgiveness #1
Hymn: Song of Confession (recording) (printed)

Wednesday – Forgiveness #2
Hymn: The Joy of Forgiveness (recording) (printed)

Thursday –    Daily Forgiveness
Hymn: Daily Confession (recording) (printed)

Friday –          Hold on to Love

Saturday –     I Bring That One to You
Hymn: Your Thoughts, Your Words (recording) (printed)

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God Loves to Grow Things

“I am the vine, you are the branches; he who abides in Me and I in him, he bears much fruit.” (John 15:5, NASB)

The truth is all around you:
God loves to grow things.
When you look at your own life, with your
struggles, and
blind spots,
God loves to grow things.

When you look at other people,
with all their insensitivities and annoying qualities,
God loves to grow things.

Think of people as growing things.
You’re seeing them in only one moment of their development.
God, the patient gardener, is working
carefully and joyfully,
moment by moment,
year by year.
He is tenderly nurturing them from
a tiny seed to
beautiful fullness in Him.

Try not to step on His flowers.
If a holy and all-knowing God can love them just as they are,
can’t we?

All our relationships are to be shaped by
the love of the Father – His love
for them, for us,
for all of us.
He loves “them” as much as “us”.
In every relationship,
only His unselfish love is worthy of Him.

Hymn: Live and Love and Grow in Christ
Printed Music & Lyrics

Psalm 112

This hymn of praise and worship
can be sung alone or
with a hymn based on its companion Psalm,
Psalm 111.
The two hymns share the same
highly-singable tune.

Printed Music

O Holy God, O Living Flame,
We know, we fear, we love Your name.
May all we say and do proclaim
Your life in us, O glorious God!

We love Your Word! O may it be
The truth that daily sets us free
To live Your love’s intensity,
O tender, kind, and gracious God!

Your blessings grace our lives each day
With simple joys in rich array,
With deep delights as we obey,
O watchful, ever-present God!

No change, no loss, no dark unknown –
We fear You, Lord, and You alone,
For You are ever on the throne,
Our Abba, loving Father God!

by Ken Bible, © 2019


The Lord’s Prayer 6

Monday –      I Offer You My Silence
Hymn: My Mind Is Yours (recording) (printed)

Tuesday –     Give Us Our Daily Bread #1

Wednesday – Give Us Our Daily Bread #2

Thursday –    Give Us Our Daily Bread #3
Hymn: Our Daily Bread (recording) (printed)

Friday –          Dependence
Hymn: I Quiet Myself in Your Love (recording) (printed)

Saturday –     Neediness
Hymn: Back to You (recording) (printed)

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