Psalm 112

This hymn of praise and worship
can be sung alone or
with a hymn based on its companion Psalm,
Psalm 111.
The two hymns share the same
highly-singable tune.

Printed Music

O Holy God, O Living Flame,
We know, we fear, we love Your name.
May all we say and do proclaim
Your life in us, O glorious God!

We love Your Word! O may it be
The truth that daily sets us free
To live Your love’s intensity,
O tender, kind, and gracious God!

Your blessings grace our lives each day
With simple joys in rich array,
With deep delights as we obey,
O watchful, ever-present God!

No change, no loss, no dark unknown –
We fear You, Lord, and You alone,
For You are ever on the throne,
Our Abba, loving Father God!

by Ken Bible, © 2019

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