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Psalm 11

What a privilege and
comfort to
take refuge in
Almighty God!

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When problems rise and pressures build,
When hopes all prove untrue,
And when I long to run away,
I run, my Lord, to You.

My solid rock, my hiding place,
My joy, my strength, my song,
Unchanged, forever good and right
When all the world is wrong.

O Sovereign God enthroned above,
Let all my heart be still
And in the silence simply trust
The kindness of Your will.

Eternal Lord, I rest in You,
In pure and perfect grace,
Till joy and peace and praise are full
And love is face-to-face.


by Ken Bible, © 2018

We Come and Rest

Ponder Jesus’ tender invitation in
Matthew 11, and
rest in Him.

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Our Father God, unselfish King,
How fierce the burning love You bring!
We need Your truth, despite its sting,
So through our fears, we come, we come.

We cling to anxious self and pride.
You help us lay each one aside.
You leave our need no place to hide.
O patient God, we come, we come.

From constant, crushing self-concern,
From worthiness we’ve tried to earn
In simple, humble faith we turn
To rest in You, O God. We come.

Fulfill the hunger now begun:
To know You fully in Your Son.
To live and love and breathe as one,
O Father God, we come, we come.


by Ken Bible, © 2012

Psalm 27

with this bright, singable hymn setting for
a favorite Psalm of
faith and

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My Lord, my Light, my Savior,
Almighty, ever near,
In You, my Strength, my Stronghold,
What power should I fear?
With evil all around me,
Its darkest threats displayed,
O God, You are my fortress.
My heart is not afraid.

Your presence is my longing,
The hunger of my soul;
Your praise, my deepest pleasure,
My all-consuming goal.
When trouble swirls around me,
You hide me in Yourself,
For You are boundless riches,
All life and joy and health.

Almighty God, I trust You
Through danger and delay,
For You are love and wisdom.
You speak, and I obey.
O God of perfect patience,
So good in all You do,
My Lord, my Light, my Savior,
I wait, I hope in You! 


by Ken Bible, © 2018

We Choose Joy

You don’t have to wait for joy to happen.
You can choose it by
turning to God,
trusting Him, and
rejoicing in all He is.

Printed Music 

We choose joy,
We choose faith,
We choose love
No matter what the challenge.
We choose peace.
We choose patience.
We are strong in Jesus Christ.

In our pain,
In our need,
In our grief,
When all around is shadow,
We choose hope.
We choose courage.
We are strong in Jesus Christ.


by Ken Bible, © 2004, 2007

Feel the Savior’s Heart for People

Feel Jesus’ burning heart for people
in His earthly ministry,
in His suffering, and
in His promises to return.

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Feel the Savior’s heart for people
As He shares Himself with all.
All are brothers, sisters, neighbors.
All are welcome, great and small.
See Him live His deep compassion.
Watch Him shepherd, heal, and feed,
Through the Father’s rich abundance
Freely meeting every need.

Feel the Savior’s heart for people
When it gives Him only pain.
Now engulfed in vicious hatred,
Selfless love seems all in vain.
Though alone, condemned, abandoned,
Taunted, tortured, crushed, betrayed,
With His dying words He loves them –
Love triumphant, unafraid.

Feel the Savior’s heart for people.
Feel His deepest longings burn.
As He yearns for love’s completion,
Hear Him promise His return.
See Him come for all His family,
Gathering us from every race.
We will feast on love together
Heart-to-heart and face-to-face.


by Ken Bible, © 2018

Jesus Weeps for the Unrepentant

This hymn traces Jesus’ tears through the gospels.
Name any tragedy in our
violent, unjust world, and
a worse tragedy is
the fate of those who
live and die without

Printed Music 

See them suffer needless pain,
Clutching life, but all in vain,
Blindly scorning
Mercy’s warning.
God is love, and how He weeps!

See them grasping, in their loss,
Every comfort but the cross –
Such obsession!
No confession.
Mourn with Him as Jesus weeps.

See them born; they bud and bloom,
Grow, but never make Him room.
Never knowing,
Simply going,
Sinners die. The Savior weeps.


by Ken Bible, © 2018

Psalm 16

Almighty, all-encompassing God,
my Father,
You are my hiding place,
my only God,
my greatest delight!

Printed Music 

Hide me, Almighty God!
Fierce storms arise.
Clouds gathering all around
Darken the skies.
You are my hiding place,
My safe, secluded space.
How peace is shining through
Here, Lord, in You!

You are my highest good,
O glorious Lord!
Life’s great inheritance!
Love’s rich reward!
Shallow and passing joys
Shout out their empty noise.
All that is good and true
Flows, Lord, from You.

Bless You, my guard, my guide,
Heaven’s pure light!
You bless and shepherd me
All through the night.
Fullness of love divine,
Pleasures profound are mine,
Joys ever fresh and new
Here, Lord, in You.


by Ken Bible, © 2018

See the Seed of Faith

Printed Music 

See the seed of faith once planted,
Sown with tears and sacrifice,
Now a garden all around us,
Rich with color, rich with life.
See more blossoms daily open,
Spreading still the precious seed,
Bearing fruit for every hunger,
Filling every human need.

We are part of all He’s growing,
Rooted in long ages past,
Spreading out to fill the future,
Blessing far beyond our grasp.
Daily plant the seeds of kindness.
Sow His mercy, reap His peace.
Share in love’s abundant harvest,
Filling all eternity.

Peace, Peace, Peace

Printed Music 

Peace, peace, peace–
The gift of Christ is peace.
We walk with God, our past forgiven.
All in Him is life and heaven.
Peace, peace, peace–
The gift of Christ is peace.

Hope, hope, hope–
The light of Christ is hope.
In all our darkness Christ is shining,
Leading upward, faith refining.
Hope, hope, hope–
The light of Christ is hope.

Love, love, love–
The heart of Christ is love.
On all who come He pours His presence-
Life and love in holy essence.
Love, love, love–
The heart of Christ is love.

Joy, joy, joy–
We praise You, Christ, with joy!
Our peace, our hope, our love and treasure,
Highest calling, deepest pleasure!
Joy, joy, joy–
We praise You, Christ, with joy!

See How God’s Flower Blossoms

Printed Music 

See how God’s flower blossoms
From dry and hardened earth,
And from our sin and darkness,
A child of humble birth;
So small for such a need,
Yet all of love’s long promise
Is in that tiny seed.

The breath of God eternal
Fills fragile flesh and bone
With truth and love and beauty
That glows of God alone.
And we have seen His face–
The glory of the Father,
The flower of His grace.

This flower is now a garden,
The fruit of that small seed,
A promise green and growing,
An Eden yet to be.
O Christ, our heart’s delight!
We rise and bloom and flourish
In You, our love and life!