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We Shall Rise in Jesus Christ!

1 Corinthians 15
prompts us to consider
the glories God has planned for
our resurrection bodies.

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From death and all its suffering and
Its prison of despair,
Our Lord rose up to take His throne,
And we will join Him there! 

Sown in darkness, raised in light,
Sown in weakness, raised in might,
As a flower blooms to life,
We shall rise in Jesus Christ!

The body that is planted here
Is just a tiny seed,
An acorn to the mighty oak
Of all we soon will be!

We’ll blossom in His likeness, and
Our glory will begin
With bodies made for worship and
For boundless life in Him.

So give yourself to serving Him,
Be strong and unafraid,
For all your faith and sacrifice
Will more than be repaid!


by Ken Bible, © 2007

Psalm 118

Psalm 118,
repeatedly quoted by New Testament writers,
is particularly important during
Holy Week and Easter.
This hymn setting helps as sing the Psalm with
Jesus Christ as its focus.

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We give thanks to God our Father!
Christ is with us! Christ is with us!
In His rich, unfailing goodness
Christ is with us! Praise His name!
When the fear and darkness threaten
All around and all within,
He is Light and Song and Savior.
Christ is with us! Praise His name!

In our suffering, in our sorrow,
Christ is with us! Christ is with us!
Victor, victim, Man of Sorrows,
Christ is with us! Praise His name!
On the mountain, through the valley,
Through the fire and through the sea,
He is Sovereign God forever.
Christ is with us! Praise His name!

Open wide the gates of splendor!
Christ is with us! Christ is with us!
Risen Savior, King of Glory,
Christ is with us!  Praise His name!
Holy, holy, holy Brother,
King and priest and sacrifice!
See salvation all completed!
Christ is with us! Praise His name!


by Ken Bible, © 2018

Christ in Psalm 7

Because Christ,
the innocent one,
suffered injustice for us,
He declares us
Praise His name!

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Christ stands condemned by hate and pride.
Justice and truth hang crucified.
Love, ever sovereign age to age,
Gently submits to evil’s rage.

See God present His Perfect Son,
Not to acquit the guiltless One,
But with the sacrifice displayed
Hear Him rejoice: “Their price is paid!”

See Christ arise to claim His own,
He who has shared their flesh and bone.
With the redeemed all gathered round,
Earth now explodes with joyful sound.

Join in the praise as tongues confess
Christ and His gifts all measureless,
Singing His grace still unexplored.
Darkness is past, and Christ is Lord!


by Ken Bible, © 2018

Christ in Psalm 38

Jesus Christ took upon Himself
the full weight of
our suffering for sin,
so vividly depicted in
Psalm 38.

Printed Music 

Despised, condemned, forsaken
For sin, but not His own;
What guilt and countless torments rained
On Him and Him alone!
Rebuked, oppressed, abandoned there,
Immersed in deepest pain,
Consumed by sorrow, crushed by grief
And evil unrestrained.

While hatred shouts its anger,
Hear fervent love and prayer
As even those who torture Him
Are objects of His care.
While enemies are mocking Him
And loved ones pull away,
His unresisting silence speaks
More love than words could say.

O Savior, in our weakness,
Our darkest guilt and shame,
We look to You, our holiness,
Eternally the same.
Our pure and perfect sacrifice,
The goodness we pursue,
Our hope, our joy, our confidence,
Our destiny is You.


by Ken Bible, © 2018

Your Love, Holy Father

Consider this:
the Father, Son, and Spirit have
engulfed us in the
peace, and
they share among themselves.

Printed Music 

Your love, Holy Father,
Love for Your Son,
Poured out through Your Spirit
Making us one!
No longer unclean and
No longer alone,
Now one with You, Father,
We are Your home.

Your peace, Holy Father,
Peace in Your Son,
Deep peace in Your Spirit,
Heaven begun!
Through suffering and heartache
This blessing has grown.
All wrapped in Your keeping,
We are Your own.

What joy, Holy Father,
Joy in Your Son,
Great joy in Your Spirit,
Glory begun!
Your life every moment,
Your presence, Your voice,
Your fullness forever–
Lord, we rejoice!


by Ken Bible, © 2008

Psalm 22

When Jesus prayed on the cross,
“My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?”,
he was quoting Psalm 22.
This hymn helps us understand His prayer,
not as a cry of doubt,
but as a deep expression of faith
for life’s worst moments.

Printed Music 

O why have You left me,
My Father and my Lord?
My prayers hang unanswered,
My desperate cries, ignored.
Your love, pure and holy,
Is ever here and now,
A pure, tender wisdom,
Though sense cannot see how.

They growl as they circle.
They pierce my hands and feet.
They mock, laugh, and torture
With hatred soon complete.
O God, I am helpless,
But ever it is so.
I need You each moment –
O Lord of all, You know.

My God, still my Father,
I praise Your glorious name!
In light and in darkness
Your goodness is the same.
My song is Your greatness,
Your glory, my reward,
My Sovereign, my Savior,
My Life, my Light, my Lord!


by Ken Bible, © 2017

You Are Almighty God

See our three-in-on God in all
His power,
His love, and
His beautiful, personal presence.

Printed Music 

Look up and see His holy power.
Listen and hear Him in the thunder.
Bow down and find Him in the darkness.
He is Almighty God.
Father, O Father,
We are Your children.
We bow in worship.
You are Almighty God.

Look up and see His body broken.
Listen and hear His Spirit groaning.
Bow down and wonder in the silence.
He is the Son of God.
Jesus, O Jesus,
Shepherd and Savior,
We bow in worship.
You are the Son of God.

Wake up and see the Spirit moving.
Hear Him and follow as He whispers.
Step out, depending on His power.
He is the Breath of God.
Spirit, O Spirit,
Speak to Your people.
Come, Holy Power.
You are the Breath of God.


by Ken Bible, © 2006

Psalm 31

On the cross,
Jesus committed Himself completely to His Father,
using the words of this ancient Psalm.
Through this hymn setting,
make His prayer your own.

Printed Music 

Into Your hands, Almighty God,
I lay life and all I am.
Crucified here, I give myself
To live and die with Christ the Lamb.
Lord of all love, so high, so true,
Father, You hide my life in You. 

Sickness, injustice, grief, and pain,
Loss that my heart can’t understand –
You are my God, my good, my all.
All of my times are in Your hand.
Lord of all love, so high, so true,
Father, You hide my life in You.

Blessed and secure, we sing Your praise,
Joyful in You, so good, so great!
Seasons and struggles come and go;
Strong in Your strength, we trust and wait.
Lord of all love, so high, so true,
Father, You hide my life in You.


by Ken Bible, © 2018

Worship Father, Son, and Spirit

Make this classical worship your own.
The text is inspired by the
Te Deum Laudamus, and
the tune is adapted from Cesar Franck’s
“Panis Angelicus”.

Printed Music 

Father Creator,
Power unbounded,
Source of all being, all-transcending, sovereign God!
Heaven exalts You!
Lord, we exalt You,
Holy, holy, holy, our Truth, our Light, our Life!
Holy, holy, holy, our Truth, our Light, our Life!

Word of the Father,
Holy and human,
Only-begotten Son of God and Son of Man,
Born as our Savior,
Died as our Savior,
Risen to the Father, our Lamb, our Priest, our King!
Risen to the Father, our Lamb, our Priest, our King!

Breath of the Father,
Spirit of Jesus,
Come in Your fullness, make us ever all Your own,
One with the Father,
One in Christ Jesus,
One in perfect union, one heart, one life, one love!
One in perfect union, one heart, one life, one love! 


by Ken Bible, © 2015

Psalm 11

What a privilege and
comfort to
take refuge in
Almighty God!

Printed Music 

When problems rise and pressures build,
When hopes all prove untrue,
And when I long to run away,
I run, my Lord, to You.

My solid rock, my hiding place,
My joy, my strength, my song,
Unchanged, forever good and right
When all the world is wrong.

O Sovereign God enthroned above,
Let all my heart be still
And in the silence simply trust
The kindness of Your will.

Eternal Lord, I rest in You,
In pure and perfect grace,
Till joy and peace and praise are full
And love is face-to-face.


by Ken Bible, © 2018