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One with God

This hymn celebrates a wonderful truth:
all the love and unity we will ever enjoy
with God and
with each other
overflows from the
love and
perfect unity among the
Father, Son, and Spirit.
The tune is based on a lovely classical melody.

Printed Music

Father in heaven,
Jesus our brother,
Spirit now breathing around and within,
Sharing Your union,
Sharing Your being,
Sharing the life that forever has been.

One in Your power,
One in Your purpose,
One in the glory Your children all share,

One in Your speaking,
One in Your doing,
One in Your love, You have made us Your home,
Sharing Your present,
Sharing Your future,
Sharing each moment, forever Your own.

One in Your power,
One in Your purpose,
One in the glory Your children all share,

One as we love You,
One as we follow,
Walking in light that is leading above,
One with You, Father,
One in Christ Jesus,
One in Your Spirit in unbroken love.

by Ken Bible, © 2010

Psalms 42-43

Two conjoined Psalms
are here set as
one hymn,
expressing the heart’s deep hunger for
the Living God.
Set to a familiar tune.

Printed Music

As Your creatures thirst for water,
O my God, I thirst for You!
How I long to drink Your presence
Through the day, in all I do!

When distracted, when discouraged,
O the hours I drift away!
O the fears and fruitless worry
When my heart forgets to pray!

Lord, You see each daily challenge
As my faith confronts my fear.
Help me trust You, God my Father,
Always faithful, always here.

Through the daylight, through the darkness,
Though the wait may seem so long,
I will praise You, I will trust You,
God my light, my hope, my song!

by Ken Bible, © 2018

Freedom Hymn

“Freedom Hymn” honors those who have
sacrificed for our freedom, and
does so in
a rich Biblical context.
It bridges from
political freedom to
freedom in Christ.
The hymn is meaningful for patriotic services or
anytime freedom in Christ is celebrated.
The tune is familiar.

Printed Music

How sweet the freedom we enjoy!
How precious is our liberty!
O what a price have others paid
To save, protect, and keep us free!

Our Father, may the lives we live
Bring honor to this gift You give,
Bring honor to this gift You give.

A greater freedom now is ours
Through Jesus Christ, Your precious Son.
The brutal power of sin is gone,
The war with death forever won.

Now growing, Lord, in all You are,
We taste a freedom more profound.
We soon will drink a fuller joy
And rise to life and love unbound.

by Ken Bible, © 2019

The Beauty of Christ

Father, adorn my life with
the beauty of Christ, and
open my eyes to see
His beauty in the
people and
You place all around me.

Printed Music

Do you see the beauty of Christ
In lives of grace and kindness?
Have you seen the warmth of His smile
On the face of a caring friend?

Do you sense the joy of His heart
When all is food and laughter?
Do you hear the song of His peace
In the sharing of day by day?

The fragrance of Christ can fill our hearts,
Our lives be a gentle rain.

Do you show the beauty of Christ
Through words of grace and kindness?
Do you shine the warmth of His smile
On the face of a needy friend?

O Lord of all love, come share Yourself.
Come be all that life can be.

May I shine Your beauty, O Lord,
Through all the fear and darkness.
Fill my heart with joy in Your love
That my life be a gift of peace

by Ken Bible, © 2009

Psalm 73

This setting of Psalm 73 brings out
the wonderful truth that
God Himself is
our light,
our rightness,
our constant companion, and
our glorious destiny.
The tune is warm and familiar.

Printed Music

Your goodness floods the world with light
Until my focus drifts to me.
Then fear and envy fill my sight.
My heart has wandered from the right,
For self is all I see.

So Lord, I look to You alone,
My sun, my source, my glorious goal!
I taste in You a peace unknown,
A light that streams from heaven’s throne
And bathes my heart and soul.

As tears and troubles come and go,
You breathe the life that I pursue.
Your nearness brings an inner glow,
A smile that all Your children know.
O Lord, my joy is You!

by Ken Bible, © 2018

Psalm 23

Simple and warm,
this hymn sings the truth of
this beloved Psalm:
in light and
in darkness,
we are completely secure in
our Shepherd’s care.

Printed Music

Lead me, Lord; I will follow,
Lacking nothing, lacking nothing.
Boundless God, loving Shepherd,
I lack nothing here with You.
You are peace and lush provision,
Always good in all You do,
Stubborn love and tender wisdom.
I lack nothing here with You.

Darkness looms, valleys deepen –
You are with me, always with me.
Pain and death storm and threaten –
You are with me, Sovereign Lord!
Light and darkness, joy and sorrow,
You Yourself are my reward,
Life abundant, now, forever.
You are with me, O my Lord!

by Ken Bible, © 2018

I Walk the Dark Emmaus Road

This hymn is a personal retelling of the story of
the road to Emmaus on the evening after the resurrection.
It centers on the irony of Luke 24:20-21,
“The chief priests and our rulers delivered Him to
the sentence of death, and crucified Him.
But we were hoping that it was He who was going to
redeem Israel.”
They didn’t recognize their redemption because
they didn’t recognize what they needed to be saved from.
It wasn’t the Romans.
It was their own sin.
Similarly, when disappointments and difficult times come to us,
God’s concern seems to be
not so much our circumstances
but us.

Printed Music

I walk the dark Emmaus road
With God so far away.
Despair has left me broken here
Too weak and blind to pray.

One comes to me I cannot see
And helps me understand.
Through passing sorrows now I know
A wise and loving hand.

When pain or loss consume my joy,
I cry for quick relief,
But God would treat a deeper need:
My fear and unbelief.

You know my need, You know my path
With all that lies ahead.
Stay near, my Lord, my God, my Host,
And break my daily bread.

by Ken Bible, © 2007

Isaiah 53

This hymn text is based on
Isaiah 53’s prophecy of
God’s sacrificial Lamb, with
music is adapted from
Handel’s moving “Sarabande”.

Printed Music

See Him rejected.
Who could imagine
The glory of heaven
In One now abandoned?

Bloody, disfigured,
Now barely human,
Repulsive and scarred,
His only clothing is shame.

But our shame He suffers,
Our sin He carries.
See what a beating He bears in our name!

Hear all the guilty
Mocking and cursing.
Our Savior is still.
This is the reason He came!

For our shame He suffers,
Our sin He carries.
How deep the sorrow He bears in our name!

Watch as His Father,
Eager to crush Him,
Now offers His Son
To bring His children back home.

by Ken Bible, © 2011

Psalm 46

This triumphant Psalm of faith
is here given a
thoughtful hymn setting,
with a tune adapted from a
folk melody.

Printed Music

Almighty defender, so near in our need,
Unchanging, unchallenged, and sovereign indeed!
The mightiest mountains may crumble and flee,
But God, You are greater than all that can be.

Though changes engulf us and troubles increase,
In You there is perfect, unshakable peace.
You speak, and the oceans and planets obey.
You speak, and all history will move as You say.

The powers of heaven await Your command,
So fear and all worry are hushed in Your hand.
O God, we exalt You and, trusting Your will,
We rest as You whisper, “My children, be still.”

by Ken Bible, © 2018

Jesus, Living God!

Join the throng that
praised Jesus on that
first Palm Sunday!
Set to a familiar tune.

Printed Music

Who is He
Robed in light,
Radiant one at the Father’s right?
Hear Him speak.
Life is born,
Gracious gift from our loving Lord.
It is Jesus!
It is Jesus!
He is life and light from the Father’s heart.
Lord Almighty, Holy,
Jesus, Living God!

Who is He,
Truth and grace,
Peasant child in the poorest place?
Selfless love,
Spotless lamb,
Dying King and the Great I Am.
It is Jesus!
It is Jesus!
He is life and light from the Father’s heart.
Lord Almighty, Holy,
Jesus, Living God!

Who is He
Lifted high,
King of Kings at the Father’s right?
Lamb of God
Reigning now!
Lord of Lords! Every knee will bow!
It is Jesus!
It is Jesus!
He is life and light from the Father’s heart.
Lord Almighty, Holy,
Jesus, Living God!

by Ken Bible, © 2006