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Go to the Wilderness!

Through the rough and wild John the Baptist,
God was calling His people
back to the wilderness
where their faith in Him had first been formed.
John was confrontive,
stripping them of their comfortable excuses.
He challenged, warned, and
invited the people with
brutal, unadorned honesty.
For Advent.

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Go to the wilderness!
Hear the voice of God!
His servant speaks the truth untamed,
And not for your applause.
His look is rough and unrefined.
His ways are raw and wild,
And through the fury of his words
God calls to you, His child.

Go to the wilderness!
Go confront your sin.
The Word that brings a storm of guilt
Will speak His peace within.
Confess the truth your heart has heard.
Repent and start to live.
The mercy that condemns your sin
Is longing to forgive.

Come to the wilderness!
Trust your God alone.
His mighty breath can fill your life
With life beyond your own.
So come and live the truth untamed!
Begin your life again,
For here you meet the Sovereign God
As Father and as Friend.

by Ken Bible, © 2010

Psalm 110

Psalm 110 is the Old Testament passage
most often cited in the New Testament.
It is central to our understanding of Jesus Christ.
This hymn enables us to sing its truths
to a classic hymn tune.
Meaningful for Christ the King Sunday or year round.
To a familiar tune.

Printed Music

Sovereign God, Almighty Father,
You have spoken to Your Son:
“Rule with Me till all is finished,
All love’s perfect will is done.
See Your people, pure and glorious,
Come from every time and place,
Offering all in love and worship,
Grateful lives that sing Your grace.”

Father, what a work You give Him:
Great high priest of all Your love,
Ever-living intercessor,
Ever drawing hearts above,
Praying, saving, cleansing, blessing,
Helping each to understand
Guilt is gone for those He pardons;
None can snatch them from Your hand.

Bathed in all Your boundless glory,
Wielding all Your holy might,
Perfect love with perfect wisdom,
Sun of everlasting light!
Here in Him, Your tender greatness
Shouts what none can fully sing:
Worship, honor, endless praises
Be to Christ, our Priest, our King!

by Ken Bible, © 2019

Psalm 26

Here is a piercing hymn of
self-examination and
based on Psalm 26.

Printed Music

I stand exposed, all-seeing God.
You see my need, so deep, so broad.
So test my heart, each thought unheard.
I trust Your love. I trust Your Word.

O Lord, Your truth is my delight!
The world is wrong. I choose the right.
So much is vain. I love Your ways!
My joy, Your will; my breath, Your praise.

With all Your Church I take my stand.
Your whispered Word is our command.
Your glorious Son we keep in view.
We follow Him. We trust in You.

by Ken Bible, © 2018

Psalm 39

How can we human creatures,
so very small and brief,
find deep and lasting meaning?
This hymn points us
to the truths found in Psalm 39 and
to the eternal God who lavishly gives us
all He is.

Printed Music

My life on earth is but a breath,
So quickly passing,
A mist, a sigh from birth to death,
So quickly passing.
All this is passing.

O God, how small and brief I am!
My strength is nothing,
My plans, a dream, my pride, a sham –
All these are nothing,
All finally nothing.

In You alone I hope and wait,
O God my Father!
I love, I trust, I celebrate
You, holy Father!
Great, gracious Father!

I share in You and all You are,
God everlasting,
Beyond, above, so high, so far –
Life everlasting!
You everlasting!

by Ken Bible, © 2018

Created for Union with God

Our loving God created us
as needy creatures in order to
bind us to Himself,
the Source of all.
He has destined us to
eternally share all the riches of His own being.
Set to a familiar tune.

Printed Music

Unbounded, holy Breath,
You flood all time and space,
While we, so here and now,
Are dust and deep disgrace.

Father, Source of all,
All that we pursue,
See us, frail and incomplete.
Our wholeness, Lord, is You.

All-knowing, mighty God,
Pure goodness ever near,
We struggle, small and lost,
All selfishness and fear.

What poverty within!
What unimagined wealth!
You bless us with this need
To bless us with Yourself.

by Ken Bible, © 2019

Be Still, My Child

This hymn has a special ministry to
hurting, anxious people.
It is a lullaby for adults,
with a melody adapted from a favorite classical piece,
“Traumerei,” by Robert Schumann.

Printed Music

Be still, my child, be still.
You are mine. I am yours. I am with you.
Be still, my child, be still.
Why your grasping, your wanting, your worry?

No fear and no pride.
All you need I provide.
Be content, and

Be still, my child, be still.
Simply rest. You are loved. I am watching.
Be still, my child, be still.
I am here. You can sleep. I will hold you.

No fear by my side.
All you need I provide.
Be content, and

Be still, my child, be still.
You are mine. I am yours. I am with you.
Be still.
Be still.
Be still.

by Ken Bible, © 2012

Psalm 112

This hymn of praise and worship
can be sung alone or
with a hymn based on its companion Psalm,
Psalm 111.
The two hymns share the same
highly-singable tune.

Printed Music

O Holy God, O Living Flame,
We know, we fear, we love Your name.
May all we say and do proclaim
Your life in us, O glorious God!

We love Your Word! O may it be
The truth that daily sets us free
To live Your love’s intensity,
O tender, kind, and gracious God!

Your blessings grace our lives each day
With simple joys in rich array,
With deep delights as we obey,
O watchful, ever-present God!

No change, no loss, no dark unknown –
We fear You, Lord, and You alone,
For You are ever on the throne,
Our Abba, loving Father God!

by Ken Bible, © 2019

Psalm 8

How stunning is the magnificence of God
painted across the night sky!
This hymn draws on that magnificence
as expressed in Psalm 8.
To a familiar tune.

Printed Music

O Lord, Your splendor fills the earth
And floods all space and time.
Mere children speak the mighty truth:
Your name, supreme, sublime.

Beneath the sky so vast and deep,
I stand, so brief and small,
And wonder why a God like You
Would notice me at all.

And yet You come and share Yourself.
My Lord, my God, what grace!
We walk together side-by-side
And talk here face-to-face.

You share Your life, Your work, Your heart,
Your plans for what will be.
O may Your glory fill the earth
As waters fill the sea!

by Ken Bible, © 2018

Psalm 61

No matter how you feel
(or don’t feel),
Almighty God is
with you as you pray!
This Psalm setting reminds us of that…
with lots of personality.

Printed Music

God, my God, listen to me pray!
Lord, You feel so far away!
Bow Your ear. Hear my little cry.
I’m so low, and You so high.
Small and weak, I drown in need.
O my God, be God indeed!
Mighty Rock, be a rock for me.
Be the strength that I can’t be.

Problems mount, fears are multiplied –
Be the place that I can hide.
Though alone, none to understand,
Mountains move at Your command.
You, O God, are present peace,
Love’s embrace and sweet release.
Trusting You, how my soul can sing
In the shadow of Your wing!

You are here – Father all above,
Jesus, brother, O what love!
Breath of God, powerful and free,
Breathing all You are in me.
Though I feel so far away,
You engulf me as I pray.
Life and joy, good in all You do,
God my Savior, praise to You!

by Ken Bible, © 2018 by

Psalm 19

A majestic hymn that celebrates
God’s magnificent revelations of Himself
in creation and
in His word.
Set to a familiar tune.

Printed Music

Glory to God! His wisdom shines.
The heavens sing His majesty.
Beyond all words the skies display
A greater Hand than eyes can see.

Glory to God! His wisdom speaks
And freely shares what life can be.
The Word that spun the wondrous worlds
Invites us to their harmony.

Treasures await for all who seek.
What boundless wealth for heart and mind!
His eager Spirit waits to teach
Each word, so rich, so true, so kind.

Read Him above and all around,
And taste the inner wonder stirred.
Then come and freely feast your souls
On all the wonders of His Word.

by Ken Bible, © 2018 by