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My Life Is Not My Own

All we are belongs to our
Creator and
so we open ourselves to Him – to
His love, His presence,
His Spirit, His truth, His will.
This is a gentle hymn of consecration set in a
light contemporary style.

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My life is not my own.
I belong to You.
I live before Your throne.
I belong to You.

My days are not my own.
I belong to You.
My life is Yours alone.
I belong to You.

I open myself to You, Lord.
I open my heart to Your searching.
I open my life to Your love
For those around me.

I open my mind to Your truth.
I open my hands in Your service.
I open my mouth and I praise
The One who gave me life.

My life is not my own.
I belong to You.
I live before Your throne.
I belong to You.

My days are not my own.
I belong to You.
My life is Yours alone.
I belong, I belong to You.

by Ken Bible, © 2000

God Is Calling

This hymn celebrates
the beautiful truth that God is
everywhere, calling
everyone to Himself.
To a familiar tune.

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God is calling, always calling
Through all time and everywhere,
Calling all to come and know Him,
Calling souls now unaware.

What a love, so undiscouraged,
Tender still, though hearts are hard.
Hear His voice through all the ages.
Hear Him whisper in Your heart.

Sin and death rise all around us,
But look up! Don’t be afraid!
Christ has died, and Christ has risen!
Hear Him call, “The price is paid!”

Father God, as through the ages,
You are calling out today,
Calling us to join Your purpose.
Lord, we hear, and we obey.

by Ken Bible, © 2003

We Look Behind at All You’ve Done

Here is a hymn for milestones –
birthdays, anniversaries, New Year’s.
Looking behind at
all God has done gives us
full assurance for the future.

Printed Music

We look behind at all You’ve done.
We trace the path on which we’ve come.
Holy Father, You are mercy!
Lord, everywhere we see Your hand,
The pattern of Your loving plan.
Holy Father, You are mercy!
Holy Father, You are mercy!
You are mercy!

Through all the wanderings of our lives,
You daily lead us in the light.
Loving Father, You are faithful!
Through all the sin we cannot hide,
You claim us as Your holy bride.
Loving Father, You are faithful!
Loving Father, You are faithful!
You are faithful!

We look ahead, O Lord, and see
A glimpse of all that is to be.
We exalt You! Alleluia!
Almighty God, Eternal Truth,
All life is always only You!
We exalt You! Alleluia!
We exalt You! Alleluia!

by Ken Bible, © 2003

Christ the Lord Is with Us!

Christmas is a joyful celebration, and
God has invited

Printed Music

The welcome call goes out to all –
The young may come,
The old may come.
The rich, the poor, we all may come,
For Christ the Lord is with us!

Jesus! Jesus!
God on earth! Man in heaven!
Jesus! Jesus!
Glory to God in the highest!

Forever God, forever man!
The promise comes!
Our heaven comes!
Now love completes what love began,
For Christ the Lord is with us!

The high, the low are all His own.
You doubters, come!
You guilty, come!
The holy life is flesh and bone,
For Christ the Lord is with us!

by Ken Bible, © 2009

You Came to Us

The almighty, transcendent God
made Himself
like us
so that we might be
like Him.

Printed Music

Fountain of all, great uncreated Light,
Very God, high above!
Sovereign in power, Your will the final word,
Boundless life, burning love!
Lord, You laid aside all that God can be
And Your glory hid in simplicity.
In love You came, the Son of Man,
All You are as I am.

Helpless You lay, the undiminished God,
Human child, flesh and bone.
What mighty power could bring all heaven here?
Loving Christ, You alone!
You have shown our race what we all can be,
For Your glory fills our humanity.
I hold this hope, though from so far:
All I am as You are.

Lord, we are one! The earth and heaven join.
All is light! All is new!
All join the dance and shout for holy joy!
We are free now in You!
Life is rich and deep and beyond all time.
Every joy is full, every breath divine.
Your glorious gift is now restored.
Loving Christ, You are Lord!

by Ken Bible, © 2008 by

Star Hymn

“Star Hymn” traces the
star theme throughout scripture,
from the stars of Genesis 1,
to the Star of Bethlehem,
to the Bright, Morning Star of Revelation.
Especially meaningful for Christmas and Epiphany,
colorfully set to a familiar tune.

Printed Music

The stars that flood the sky
In silence glorify
You, the One who gave the light.
Praise! Praise!
How they gild the darkest night!
Changeless, yet forever new,
O Father God, they sing of You:
Greatness all above!
Faithfulness and love!

Your star lit up the sky
Your Son to glorify.
He came down to banish night.
Praise! Praise!
Christ the everlasting light!
Now You call to every race
To meet their Sovereign face-to-face –
Greatness all above!
Faithfulness and love!

Now Christ the Morning Star
Brings hope to where we are,
Promising the coming light –
Joy, joy
Piercing through the darkest night.
Soon He’ll gather every race
To join You, Father, face-to-face –
Glorious God above!
Life and light and love!

by Ken Bible, © 2018

Christ in Genesis and Exodus

God had been revealing Himself for centuries
before fully incarnating Himself in Jesus Christ.
This thought-provoking Advent hymn
exalts the Messiah foretold
throughout Genesis and Exodus.
Set to a familiar tune.

Printed Music

Christ the Father’s Word is spoken.
Know the great Creator’s heart!
See His wonders, taste His graces:
Life and light and holy art,

Love beyond what words can tell–
God made flesh, Immanuel!

Christ the warrior, mighty victor,
Comes to crush the serpent’s head;
Christ the rainbow, Christ the promise,
Christ the true, eternal bread,

Christ the Son so long awaited,
Blessed seed of Abraham,
Christ the wealth of wisdom’s treasure,
Christ the priest and Christ the lamb,

Hear His voice, and see His glory,
Trust His strong and holy hand.
God Himself now tents among us
As we near the promised land.

by Ken Bible, © 2014

Make All Things New

Some of the most moving passages
in all of scripture are in
Isaiah’s prophecies of the new creation.
This hymn attempts to gather that
beautiful panorama into a hymn,
set to a familiar tune.
For Advent or anytime.

Printed Music

Lord God, life’s only source,
Evil will run its course,
Leave earth a waste.
Love will make all things new.
Worlds will flow fresh from You.
Beauty now pure and true
Is but a taste.

Death is a brutal lord,
Wielding its sovereign sword.
Soon death will die.
Life will arise, unbound,
Life bursting all around,
Life, love, and joy profound
In Jesus Christ.

Finish Your gift begun.
Gather us all as one.
Make all things new!
Jesus, our Lamb, our Priest,
Jesus, Yourself the feast,
Jesus, with love increased
We wait for You!

by Ken Bible, © 2019

Psalm 111

This hymn of praise and worship
can be sung alone or
with the hymn based on its companion Psalm,
Psalm 112.
The two hymns are set to
the same highly-singable tune.
Suitable for Thanksgiving or year round.

Printed Music

With thanks, with joy, in humble fear,
We lift Your praise that all might hear
This simple message loud and clear:
How great You are, O glorious God!

You give Yourself with pure delight.
Our hearts rejoice, our souls recite
Your works, Your ways, so rich, so right.
How good You are, O glorious God!

Lord, all You say and all You do
Are faithful, righteous, kind, and true.
When all is wrong, we trust in You,
For You are just, O glorious God!

O Sovereign Lord, as we obey,
Your wisdom guides our darkened way,
And joy glows brighter day by day.
All praise to You, O glorious God!

by Ken Bible, © 2019

Psalm 72

This triumphant hymn celebrates
the ultimate reign of
the ultimate king,
Jesus Christ.
Meaningful for Advent, Christ the King Sunday, or anytime.
Set to a familiar tune.

Printed Music

Truth and justice, grace and peace
Now reign in Christ the Son.
Endless, unimagined life
Has only just begun.
See them blooming all around –
Every blessing love has sworn.
Earth is bathed in all He is
And gloriously reborn.

All creation sings His praise.
O see the hills rejoice!
Hear the trees all clap their hands
And mountains lift their voice.
Every knee now bows to Him,
Every kingdom, every throne.
Riches, honor, wisdom, power,
And praise are all His own.

Sovereign, all-transcending God,
So quick to condescend,
All-in-all, the Lord I AM,
Our Brother, Savior, Friend!
Every joy forevermore,
Every longing we pursue,
Life and beauty, truth and love
Are always only You.

by Ken Bible, © 2018