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Psalm 19

A majestic hymn that celebrates
God’s magnificent revelations of Himself
in creation and
in His word.
Set to a familiar tune.

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Glory to God! His wisdom shines.
The heavens sing His majesty.
Beyond all words the skies display
A greater Hand than eyes can see.

Glory to God! His wisdom speaks
And freely shares what life can be.
The Word that spun the wondrous worlds
Invites us to their harmony.

Treasures await for all who seek.
What boundless wealth for heart and mind!
His eager Spirit waits to teach
Each word, so rich, so true, so kind.

Read Him above and all around,
And taste the inner wonder stirred.
Then come and freely feast your souls
On all the wonders of His Word.

by Ken Bible, © 2018 by

Psalm 25

A hymn setting of a
deeply-meaningful prayer of
consecration and trust
from the Psalms.

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To You, O God, I lift my heart,
My life, my self, my soul.
Lord, all within me reaches up!
I long for Your control!
I long for Your control!

Guide every thought and word and deed.
O teach me, loving Lord!
Shine out through me that all may see
Your likeness here restored,
Your likeness here restored.

Deliver me from evil, Lord,
Around and all within,
From all the wrong that stalks my life,
From all the lies of sin,
From all the lies of sin.

My eyes are fixed on You, O God,
So great, so good, so true!
My highest joy, my one desire,
My hope is only You,
My hope is only You.

by Ken Bible, © 2018 by

God Is in His Temple

This hymn assures us that
always and
in every situation,
no matter how things appear,
“The Lord is in His holy temple;
the Lord is on His heavenly throne”
(Psalm 11:4, NIV).
The tune is familiar, yet fresh.

Printed Music

God is in His temple,
Just and holy Lord,
Just beyond our measure,
Rightness unexplored;
Holy God transcendent,
Wisdom high above,
Ever, only justice,
Ever, only love.

God is in His temple
Though the world is wrong –
Justice ever waiting,
Evil ever strong.
Wait His perfect timing –
Every knee will bow.
As we daily trust Him,
Peace is here and now.

Through all storm and struggle,
God is on His throne,
Love forever sovereign,
Blessing yet unknown.
God is always with us,
Good in all His ways,
Templed in His people,
Throned in grateful praise.

by Ken Bible, © 2018 by

Teach Me How to Love

God uses relationships –
especially difficult relationships –
to mold us into the image of the
loving, patient Christ.
This hymn is a prayer to help us
through such challenges.

Printed Music

Teach me how to love, Lord.
Teach me what to say.
Teach me how to hear their hearts,
And teach me how to pray.
Help me to be patient
As You work Your will,
Always ready to obey
And ready to be still.

Give me gentle wisdom.
Let Your Spirit speak
When my thoughts are harsh or when
I’m worried or I’m weak.
Looking to Your cross, Lord,
I can see the truth.
Just a vessel for Your love,
I trust them now to You.

by Ken Bible, © 2000 by

Psalm 57

A colorful and rhythmic hymn of
worship and praise,
set to a familiar tune.

Printed Music

Mighty God, be lifted high!
Wisdom, honor, glory, power!
Savior, Sovereign, reign on high!
Fill the earth and sea and sky!

Evil threatens, fears pursue,
Needs and problems never-ending.
When those anxious thoughts pursue,
God of gods, I hide in You!

Bless me, Lord, with just one aim.
May my heart stay fixed and focused –
Always, only this my aim:
Father, glorify Your name!

Loving Father, take my days,
Every motive, every moment.
Fill my thoughts and deeds and days!
Overflow my life with praise!

by Ken Bible, © 2018 by

Christ in Psalm 45

As the Bride of Christ,
we are to have
His heart and
His mind and
burn with the passions that drive Him.
To a familiar tune.

Printed Music

O Bride of Christ, look to your Bridegroom,
The King of Kings, God’s holy Son.
Your highest good, your joy, your glory:
To live and breathe in Him as one.

O Bride of Christ, His throne is justice,
His throne is truth and glorious light.
His reign is peace and holy freedom.
Join Him and burn for truth and right.

O Bride of Christ, His heart is kindness.
With every breath He gives Himself.
His love is rich, eternal treasure.
O give your days to nothing else!

O Bride of Christ, He is your future.
Eternal joy is now begun!
He is the dawn of love’s perfection.
Walk in His light till we are one.

by Ken Bible, © 2018 by

Pursue Love

A hymn based on
1 Corinthians 13,
the love chapter,
set to a classical melody.

Printed Music

Love, love fills life with music.
Live in love, and its fruits will grow.
Love gives the heart its endless wealth;
From heaven it flows.
Love frees us from the burdens
Selfish hearts always bear.
Love turns from wrong
And suffers long
With joy it’s glad to share.

Love, faithful and unfailing,
Bears so much, yet its strength endures.
Love, pressured through the night, will grow
More patient and pure.
See, time is slowly stealing
All the treasures we hold,
But loss is gain,
For love remains
Our God’s eternal gold.

by Ken Bible, © 2009 by

Christ in Psalm 40

Jesus Christ Himself is
all the salvation described in
Psalm 40.
He lifted us out of the mire,
set our feet on a rock, and
put a new song in our mouths.
The hymn is set to a familiar tune.

Printed Music

You rescued me in Christ,
Established me in Christ.
A new song fills my joyful heart –
A song of praise to Christ!

What wonders You have done!
What life completely new!
What love and peace by simple faith!
Lord, who compares to You?

Christ came and gave and died
To do Your perfect will.
I take my cross and follow Him
My calling to fulfill.

My trust is all in Christ.
My holiness is Christ.
My light, my strength, my highest goal
Is all and only Christ!

by Ken Bible, © 2018 by

Psalm 5

A warm, gentle prayer
for starting the day
with God.

Printed Music

I wake to You, my Father.
Hear my heart.
I crave Your holy nearness
From the start.
The lies of sin surround me;
You are true.
Lord, keep me pure and loving
Just like You.

I rise to face the darkness;
You are light.
Immersed in all this wrongness,
Keep me right.
Your Spirit breathe within me
Ever new.
I love You, O my Father!
Praise to You!

by Ken Bible, © 2018 by

Father, in This Suffering

Even as we walk through
the darkest valleys,
we can know God’s
precious, personal presence with us.
We can share a
deep, sweet union with
Christ, the Man of Sorrows.

Printed Music

Father, in this suffering,
This deep and desperate darkness,
Though I cannot feel You,
I know You walk beside me.
Broken and defenseless,
Awash in waves of sorrow,
Reason now is helpless,
But faith is calmly resting
In Christ, with Christ in You.

Through this loss so bitter
You give a gift more precious:
Deeper, sweeter union
With Christ, the Man of Sorrows.
All is false and fleeting
But You, my love, my Father!
Suffering always passes,
But joy is full forever
In Christ, with Christ in You.

by Ken Bible, © 2016 by