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Our Hope Is All in You

Based on Psalm 33,
this hymn expresses
a confident hope and trust
firmly founded on Almighty God.
The tune is familiar.

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You speak, and it is so
Above, beyond, below.
Our hope is all in You!
Creator, Breath of all,
May we, so brief and small,
Put all our trust in You!

Our human plans are vain.
This world is Your domain.
Our hope is all in You!
You give and You control.
You fill and rule the whole.
Our trust is all in You!

You love and understand
Those resting in Your hand.
Our hope is all in You!
We look in reverent fear.
You smile and draw us near.
Our trust is all in You!

Our strength, our help, our shield,
Transcendent love revealed,
Our hope is all in You!
O joy of all our songs,
To You our breath belongs.
Our trust is all in You!

by Ken Bible, © 2018 by

Father, Help Me Worship You

Do you want to worship your Father
in a way that is fully pleasing to Him?
Worship Him as did His perfect Son:
with a life of trust,
obedience, and

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Father, help me worship You
With a pure devotion,
Not alone with lofty words
Stirring sweet emotion.
Plant in me the heart of Christ
Clinging to His Father,
Trusting You for every breath,
Drinking every word.

Help me walk His daily path,
Living as You lead me,
Empty, Lord, of all but You,
Joyful as You feed me,
Giving every breath to You,
Ever simply praying.
Then when life is sacrifice,
I will follow on.

Father, help me worship You
With a pure devotion.
Let my song be living praise
Deeper than emotion.
Help me live the life of Christ,
Loving as He loved You
Till our love is face to face,
There forever one!


by Ken Bible, © 2007

Eternal Light

In Jesus Christ
we are welcomed in the
very presence of
holy, transcendent God!

Printed Music 

Eternal Light! Eternal Light!
What soul can bear Your searching sight?
What heart, so open, pure, and true,
Can live and calmly gaze on You?

The glowing spirits round Your throne
All serve where sin is never known.
Their eyes can bear the burning bliss
Beyond a darkened world like this.

But how can I, a native here,
Before Your blazing eyes appear?
Can I, a creature of the night,
Endure Your uncreated light?

Praise God, You come to us in Christ!
In Him our darkness all is light!
O Fire of all-consuming grace,
In Christ we stand here face to face!


by Thomas Binney and Ken Bible, © 2007

Come, Our Lord!

Lift your eyes to the
new creation!

Printed Music 

Lift up your eyes
To the earth we now can see.
Lift up your hearts
To the world that soon will be.
Life will be new,
And its sorrows come no more.
We hunger for Your new creation.
Come, our Lord!
“I’m coming! I’m coming
To the loved ones I adore.”
We hear Your voice and trust Your promise.
Come, our Lord!

See all the joy
On the Father’s smiling face.
Come, feel the warmth
Of eternal love’s embrace.
Taste all the fruits
Of an Eden now restored.
We sing the hope that rises in us:
Come, our Lord!
“I’m coming! I’m coming
To be with you evermore.”
We hear Your voice and trust Your promise.
Come, our Lord!

Come, join the meal,
With the family all around.
Come, drink the wine
Of a love now more profound.
Breathe all the peace
Of His blessings now outpoured.
The Morning Star is brightly shining.
Come, our Lord!
“I’m coming! I’m coming,
So be patient through the storm.”
We hear Your voice and trust Your promise.
Come, our Lord!


by Ken Bible, © 2005

Christ in Psalm 8

In Jesus Christ we see
the full glory of the Father and
the full glory He is lavishing on us,
His human children.

Printed Music 

Creator, boundless God,
You fill and overflow
The glories all can see
But none can fully know.
And now in Christ, the Morning Star,
And now in Christ, the Morning Star,
You shine the light of all You are.

In Christ, the simplest child,
The weakest of our race,
Can speak the mighty truth,
Can praise You face-to-face.
Your glory, thundered all above,
Your glory, thundered all above,
Re-echoes here in lives of love.

Beneath the boundless sky,
So vast, so deep, so far,
We wonder at our God!
We glimpse how great You are!
So who are we that You should care,
So who are we that You should care,
Delighting in our simplest prayer?

And yet, in Jesus Christ
You freely share Yourself –
Your life, Your mind, Your heart,
Your love and all its wealth.
O God, may all the world proclaim,
O God, may all the world proclaim
Your great and good and glorious name!


by Ken Bible, © 2018


Far Above Riches

Godly mothers are a precious gift from the Father.
Here is a way to honor them that is
meaningful, and
easily singable;
based on Proverbs 31:10-31.

Printed Music 

Far above riches,
Far above honor,
Lasting beauty beyond compare-
She is more noble,
She is more precious.
Treasure this one whose life we share.

Woman of honor,
Priceless companion,
Wife and mother and faithful friend,
Shepherd and servant,
Teacher and helper-
She lives a love that has no end.

Morning and evening,
Summer and winter,
Ever faithful and glad to share;
Touching and lifting,
Tenderly giving-
In her we feel our Father’s care.

God of all comfort,
Fountain of blessing,
Ever loving in all You do,
Thank You for giving
Far above riches.
Gladly we lift our praise to You!


by Ken Bible, © 1998

Christ, Our Source and Goal

Jesus Christ is not simply
the corrective for humanity gone wrong.
He is our original blueprint,
our prototype, and
our sure destiny.

Printed Music 

From forever to forever,
From our birthplace in Your heart,
Christ the dream that drove creation,
Christ our model from the start.
Christ the ruler, Christ the servant,
Christ the source and Christ the goal,
Christ the true, eternal Adam,
Christ the pattern, Christ the whole.

From the garden to Mount Sinai
To King David on his throne,
Christ the sun that cast the shadows,
Christ the promise, Christ alone.
From the stable to Golgotha
To His reigning at Your side,
Christ the Savior, Christ the Sovereign,
Christ preparing for His bride.

Christ the light of all creation,
Christ the longing of each heart,
All the means and all the meaning,
Life’s completion, and its start.
We have minds that we might know Him,
Lips to sing His glorious name,
Lives to share His living Spirit,
Love to set His world aflame.


by Ken Bible, © 2018

Come and Feast

Jesus Himself is
the banquet the Father has spread
for all His people.

Printed Music 

Come and feast!
Come and feast!
Come – the feast is Jesus.
Life and love, holy and free –
Come near and feast on Jesus.

Share in His Spirit –
His presence in His people.
Find all He is and all you can be.
Find all you need in Jesus.

Here in abundance:
The Bread and Wine of Heaven.
His truth, His joy, His power, His peace –
Find life complete in Jesus.


by Ken Bible, © 2017

We Shall Rise in Jesus Christ!

1 Corinthians 15
prompts us to consider
the glories God has planned for
our resurrection bodies.

Printed Music 

From death and all its suffering and
Its prison of despair,
Our Lord rose up to take His throne,
And we will join Him there! 

Sown in darkness, raised in light,
Sown in weakness, raised in might,
As a flower blooms to life,
We shall rise in Jesus Christ!

The body that is planted here
Is just a tiny seed,
An acorn to the mighty oak
Of all we soon will be!

We’ll blossom in His likeness, and
Our glory will begin
With bodies made for worship and
For boundless life in Him.

So give yourself to serving Him,
Be strong and unafraid,
For all your faith and sacrifice
Will more than be repaid!


by Ken Bible, © 2007

Psalm 118

Psalm 118,
repeatedly quoted by New Testament writers,
is particularly important during
Holy Week and Easter.
This hymn setting helps as sing the Psalm with
Jesus Christ as its focus.

Printed Music 

We give thanks to God our Father!
Christ is with us! Christ is with us!
In His rich, unfailing goodness
Christ is with us! Praise His name!
When the fear and darkness threaten
All around and all within,
He is Light and Song and Savior.
Christ is with us! Praise His name!

In our suffering, in our sorrow,
Christ is with us! Christ is with us!
Victor, victim, Man of Sorrows,
Christ is with us! Praise His name!
On the mountain, through the valley,
Through the fire and through the sea,
He is Sovereign God forever.
Christ is with us! Praise His name!

Open wide the gates of splendor!
Christ is with us! Christ is with us!
Risen Savior, King of Glory,
Christ is with us!  Praise His name!
Holy, holy, holy Brother,
King and priest and sacrifice!
See salvation all completed!
Christ is with us! Praise His name!


by Ken Bible, © 2018