God’s Mysterious Ways

This hymn reflects on how
God works
through us and
within us.
His ways are indeed
marvelous and

Printed Music

Our Almighty God will do His work
Through us, through us.
Our Father delights to bless the world
Through us, through us.
Through all who hear and obey His call,
The child, the leader, the great and small,
He will help and heal,
Expressing His love through us.

For all who obey, our Father works
His will, His will.
Through joy and through pain He kindly weaves
His will, His will.
The sweet surprise and the long delay,
The weird, the wild, and the everyday,
God will use them all
To lovingly work His will.

O Father of love, we give ourselves
To You, to You.
Completely, O God, we live our lives
To You, to You.
So give the joy that You long to share,
Our deepest hunger, our highest prayer,
That forevermore
We draw every breath in You.

by Ken Bible, © 2013 LNWhymns.com.

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