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Psalm 31

On the cross,
Jesus committed Himself completely to His Father,
using the words of this ancient Psalm.
Through this hymn setting,
make His prayer your own.

Printed Music 

Into Your hands, Almighty God,
I lay life and all I am.
Crucified here, I give myself
To live and die with Christ the Lamb.
Lord of all love, so high, so true,
Father, You hide my life in You. 

Sickness, injustice, grief, and pain,
Loss that my heart can’t understand –
You are my God, my good, my all.
All of my times are in Your hand.
Lord of all love, so high, so true,
Father, You hide my life in You.

Blessed and secure, we sing Your praise,
Joyful in You, so good, so great!
Seasons and struggles come and go;
Strong in Your strength, we trust and wait.
Lord of all love, so high, so true,
Father, You hide my life in You.


by Ken Bible, © 2018




Jesus’ Earthly Ministry 2 and Transfiguration 


Monday –      Hymn: One by One (recording) (printed)

Tuesday –     He Comes to Us
         Hymn: See Him Walk on the Water (recording) (printed)

Wednesday – Rulers arise in their own nation…
         Hymn: Jesus, Living God! (recording) (printed)

Thursday –    The Transfiguration
         Hymn: Transfiguration Hymn (recording) (printed)

Friday –          Jesus was transfigured AS…
         Hymn: The Father’s Face (recording) (printed)

Saturday –     God’s Kingdom Comes
         Hymn: See His Kingdom Come in Power (recording) (printed)


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The Fruits of Your Presence

A prayer response to Revelation 21:22 – 22:5,
the glories of heaven

Father, we will have no more need for a temple,
no need for a symbolic reminder of Your presence.
Your presence will be
We Your people will be Your temple.
You will live in and among us.

We will need no other sources of light.
You and Your Son will be the light, and
You will shine
within us and
in our midst.
We will glow and sparkle transparently
with the glory of Your presence.

Life will be
freely available,
We will live at its very source.
There will be no need to
horde it or
haul it in small doses.
It will flow in the water around us.
It will grow on all the trees.
Health and wholeness on every level will be
complete and

There will be no more curse,
no more shame.
Never again will we hang our heads and say,
“I am only human.”
Christ the Holy,
Christ the Glorious
is the new Adam, and
we are of His race.
We are His beautiful bride,
His chosen ones,
a blessing to all creation.

No longer will we be banished from the presence of the King.
We will see His face.
His name,
His character,
His glory
will radiate from us.
We will fully share
His life,
His authority,
His holy splendor
forever and ever.

Listen and sing:
Hymn: When Christ Our Healer’s Work Is Done
Printed Music & Lyrics

Worship Father, Son, and Spirit

Make this classical worship your own.
The text is inspired by the
Te Deum Laudamus, and
the tune is adapted from Cesar Franck’s
“Panis Angelicus”.

Printed Music 

Father Creator,
Power unbounded,
Source of all being, all-transcending, sovereign God!
Heaven exalts You!
Lord, we exalt You,
Holy, holy, holy, our Truth, our Light, our Life!
Holy, holy, holy, our Truth, our Light, our Life!

Word of the Father,
Holy and human,
Only-begotten Son of God and Son of Man,
Born as our Savior,
Died as our Savior,
Risen to the Father, our Lamb, our Priest, our King!
Risen to the Father, our Lamb, our Priest, our King!

Breath of the Father,
Spirit of Jesus,
Come in Your fullness, make us ever all Your own,
One with the Father,
One in Christ Jesus,
One in perfect union, one heart, one life, one love!
One in perfect union, one heart, one life, one love! 


by Ken Bible, © 2015




Jesus’ Earthly Ministry 1 


Monday –      My Holy and Human Brother
         Hymn: Holy, Human Jesus Christ (recording) (printed)

Tuesday –     Hymn: See All That Human Can Be (recording) (printed)

Wednesday – The Quietness of Jesus
         Hymn: Quietness (recording) (printed)

Thursday –    Hymn: Knowing the Father in the Son (recording) (printed)

Friday –          When I Met Jesus
         Hymn: I Was the One (recording) (printed)

Saturday –     Hymn: See the Father Walk Among Us (recording) (printed)


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The Jewel

A prayer response to Revelation 21:9-21,
the New Jerusalem

Father, in the new creation
Your splendor in
Your Son
will be
the Light of the world and
the glory of all the universe.

We Your people,
redeemed from every age and nation,
will be fully formed as
Your temple,
Your dwelling place.
We will be expertly prepared,
pure and transparent, so that
Your blazing glory,
the light of all You are, will shine
within us and
out through us
Your presence within will make us
glow and
like a precious jewel.
We will be perfectly fashioned to radiate
Your love,
Your life,
Your holiness,
Your boundless joy.

All the universe will bask in the beauty of
Your presence in
Your people.

Listen and sing:
Hymn: Revelation 21
Printed Music & Lyrics

Psalm 11

What a privilege and
comfort to
take refuge in
Almighty God!

Printed Music 

When problems rise and pressures build,
When hopes all prove untrue,
And when I long to run away,
I run, my Lord, to You.

My solid rock, my hiding place,
My joy, my strength, my song,
Unchanged, forever good and right
When all the world is wrong.

O Sovereign God enthroned above,
Let all my heart be still
And in the silence simply trust
The kindness of Your will.

Eternal Lord, I rest in You,
In pure and perfect grace,
Till joy and peace and praise are full
And love is face-to-face.


by Ken Bible, © 2018




Beatitudes, week 2 


Monday –      Blessed Are the Merciful
         Hymn: Let Mercy Shine (recording) (printed)

Tuesday –     Blessed Are the Pure in Heart
         Hymn: Holy in Me (recording) (printed)

Wednesday – Blessed Are the Peacemakers
         Hymn: God of Peace (recording) (printed)

Thursday –    Blessed Are the Persecuted
         Hymn: Captives of Eternal Love (recording) (printed)

Friday –          The Beatitudes Describe Jesus
         Hymn: All in You, Breath by Breath (recording) (printed)

Saturday –     Hymn: Lord, Life Becomes More Simple (recording) (printed)


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Unbroken Oneness

A prayer response to Revelation 21:5-8,
all things new and God all-in-all

Father, in the new creation, the source of the entire
glorious transformation
will be Your
unveiled presence.
Your life force,
Your unbridled joy,
will make all things new.
You will be
the life,
the splendor, and
the holiness of the new heaven and earth.

We Your people will finally
see You and
live in You and
know You
for what You have always been:
the Beginning and the End,
the Source and the Goal.
All of life,
every breath, will be lived
from You,
through You, and
to You.

As Your true children,
all that is will be ours
in You.
But our greatest inheritance will be
You, Yourself.
As You are the joy, peace, and sufficiency of Your Son Jesus,
You will be our joy, peace, and sufficiency,
constantly, completely, forever.

Heaven will be
oneness with You.

Listen and sing:
Hymn: Imagine Your Creator’s Breath
Printed Music & Lyrics

We Come and Rest

Ponder Jesus’ tender invitation in
Matthew 11, and
rest in Him.

Printed Music 

Our Father God, unselfish King,
How fierce the burning love You bring!
We need Your truth, despite its sting,
So through our fears, we come, we come.

We cling to anxious self and pride.
You help us lay each one aside.
You leave our need no place to hide.
O patient God, we come, we come.

From constant, crushing self-concern,
From worthiness we’ve tried to earn
In simple, humble faith we turn
To rest in You, O God. We come.

Fulfill the hunger now begun:
To know You fully in Your Son.
To live and love and breathe as one,
O Father God, we come, we come.


by Ken Bible, © 2012