FREE BOOK: A Deeper Christmas

I am beginning to make my unpublished books available as free downloads in pdf format. The first one is available now:

A Deeper Christmas
Thought-provoking reflections, prayers, and new hymns
for Advent, Christmas, and Epiphany

Enrich your celebration of Christ’s coming with this treasury of devotional resources. Go beyond angels, shepherds, and wise men. See Christ and worship Christ in the light of Old Testament prophecy, New Testament fulfillment, and promises of His coming again. Fill your heart, mind, and imagination with all He is. Included are hymn links that provide free recordings and printed music. The book’s sections include: Introducing Jesus Christ; Promises of Christ’s Coming; Christ Has Come!; Epiphany: The Light of the World; Promises of His Coming Again

Go to the Free Book Downloads page at
Click the book title to bring up the book pdf.
Click the download icon (downward arrow) in the upper right-hand corner.

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