Psalm 61

No matter how you feel
(or don’t feel),
Almighty God is
with you as you pray!
This Psalm setting reminds us of that…
with lots of personality.

Printed Music

God, my God, listen to me pray!
Lord, You feel so far away!
Bow Your ear. Hear my little cry.
I’m so low, and You so high.
Small and weak, I drown in need.
O my God, be God indeed!
Mighty Rock, be a rock for me.
Be the strength that I can’t be.

Problems mount, fears are multiplied –
Be the place that I can hide.
Though alone, none to understand,
Mountains move at Your command.
You, O God, are present peace,
Love’s embrace and sweet release.
Trusting You, how my soul can sing
In the shadow of Your wing!

You are here – Father all above,
Jesus, brother, O what love!
Breath of God, powerful and free,
Breathing all You are in me.
Though I feel so far away,
You engulf me as I pray.
Life and joy, good in all You do,
God my Savior, praise to You!

by Ken Bible, © 2018 by

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