Great Is Your Faithfulness (Easter)

This hymn broadens the impact of the
familiar and much-loved hymn.
New words to the verses trace
God’s faithfulness through Jesus’
death, and

Printed Music

Word from the Father, my Savior, my Brother,
You fill our flesh with pure life from above.
What truth and grace, every word, every moment –
Unchanging faithfulness, unfailing love!

Great is Your faithfulness! Great is Your faithfulness!
Morning by morning new mercies I see.
All I have needed Your hand has provided.
Great is Your faithfulness, Lord, unto me!

Great is Your faithfulness when, in Your anguish,
You freely pay what compassion demands,
Silently suffering unspeakable sorrow,
Love pouring out from Your head and Your hands.

Great is Your faithfulness when life seems finished,
Hopelessly silent and sealed in the grave.
Then love explodes in full power and glory,
Boundless, triumphant, almighty to save!

by Ken Bible and Thomas O. Chisholm, © 2019


Relationships, Love 3

Monday –      The Taste Test
Hymn: The Beauty of Christ (recording) (printed)

Tuesday –     Pray for Those You Pass
Hymn: Ever Standing in Your Presence (recording) (printed)

Wednesday – Kind to the Unkind
Hymn: As You Love (recording) (printed)

Thursday –  Come to the Source
Hymn: Ever Full and Overflowing (recording) (printed)

Friday –          Let Love Fill My Moments
Hymn: As You Loved Me (recording) (printed)

Saturday –     Flavored with Love
Hymn: God Is Light (recording) (printed)

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Let a man regard us in this manner, as servants of Christ and stewards of the mysteries of God. (1 Corinthians 4:1, NASB)

A while back I came across this interesting observation: before the year 1800, no product, no message, no idea could travel faster than a horse. Think about that for a moment. Geographic separation was an impenetrable barrier to quick communication. For we who enjoy instant communication with nearly anyone in the world, such a severe limitation is almost unimaginable. Cell phones, email, internet, jet planes – geographic separation is no longer an insoluble problem. But this has been reality for only a few seconds of our race’s history.

Consider what it was like for business owners in biblical times. Unless the owner lived within daily travel distance of his business – a handful of miles either by foot or by animal — he had to have someone on site to run his business for him. Travel and communication were too slow to allow the owner to have any say in the daily decisions. Absentee owners were common. They had to rely on a manager, a steward, someone they trusted completely to run their business as they wanted it run. The steward made all daily decisions on behalf of the owner. He was to best use the owner’s resources for the owner’s good.

That is the biblical concept of stewardship. God, the source of all that is, has entrusted some small portion of His property to us, His stewards. We are to manage His property as He would manage it.

For that reason, we must know God personally, thoroughly, intimately. How can we manage His property as He would manage it unless we know what is important to Him?

No business owner wants his or her precious resources wasted, and God is no different. But if you think penny-pinching and financial profit are the ultimate in biblical stewardship, you don’t know your Boss. He created all the physical universe with a word, out of nothing. He simply expressed His will, and the universe appeared.

Such a Being never runs short of resources. He has no need for more money. He could create such things with a word. If He needed them, He wouldn’t have to tell us.

So what is important to God? As His stewards, managing His resources as He wants them managed, we need to know. What does God want you to do with your resources?

God never wants material things from us
for their own sake.
He can create those with a word.
When He lends to us and urges us to give of it,
He is teaching us to trust Him and
to share in His generosity.
He is drawing us into His love,
His freedom, and
His abundance.
He is drawing us into Himself.

Hymn: My Life Is Not My Own

The Fullness of God’s Glory

We glimpse God’s magnificence
in creation, but
we see it fully
in Jesus Christ.
Set to a familiar tune.

Printed Music

The heavens sing a somber hymn
Of greatness dark and deep,
Of endless realms of time and space,
Of mysteries they keep.
But all that is and yet shall be
And all that mind can know
Are only whispers of a God
Far greater than the whole.

Yet all the fullness of this God
And all that He has done
Now shine in all their majesty
In Jesus Christ His Son.
This boundless God is flesh and blood,
And we have seen His face-
The glory of our Living Lord,
The fountain of His grace.

The fullness of our Father God
Resplendent in the Son
Reveals the holy majesty
Of all we will become.
His Spirit glows within our hearts,
A glimpse of what will be:
His glory blazing out through us
For all eternity.

by Ken Bible, © 2006


Relationships, Love 2

Monday –      As I Want to Be Treated
Hymn: Live in Love (recording) (printed)

Tuesday –     Daily Gentleness
Hymn: Be Love in Me (recording) (printed)

Wednesday – Daily Love
Hymn: I Look to You, and You Are Love (recording) (printed)

Thursday –  In Someone Else’s Skin
Hymn: Teach Me How to Love (recording) (printed)

Friday –          Patient with Differences
Hymn: Praise to You, Giver of Life! (recording) (printed)

Saturday –     Through Eyes of Love
Hymn: Our Father’s Burning Heart (recording) (printed)

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Divine Coincidence

“Speak, for Your servant is listening.” (1 Samuel 3:10, NASB)

Have you discovered that Almighty God wants to take part in your daily work? Here’s one example from my own experience.

Matching a hymn text with the right tune can be tricky, painstaking business. But years ago I began receiving tune ideas from the Lord. Sometimes I would hear an original tune in my head. Other times I would feel prompted toward a folk or classical tune in one of my sources. I would set the tune aside in my “pending” pile, put it out of my mind, and go on with my work.

Then within days the Lord would give me a lyric idea separately, from my Bible study or from an audio book I was listening to. Sometimes it happened the other way around. The text idea would come first, then the tune.

What was amazing was how often I’d find the perfect match for the text or tune there near the top of my “pending” file. I had forgotten about the first one until the second showed up and I went looking for a mate. The two had come to me entirely separately, though in the same time frame.

At first, I considered it mere coincidence. But it began to happen so regularly that I coined a term for it: divine coincidence.

But it wasn’t just texts and tunes that came together so marvelously. Often a thought or scripture would come to me from my daily reading or listening that was exactly what I needed for some current writing endeavor. I hadn’t gone looking for it. It just jumped out at me.

Some would explain such phenomenon as the subconscious working of the mind. And I can’t claim to explain all the workings of this amazing brain the Lord has given us.

But God regularly uses divine coincidence to remind me that He deeply, personally, constantly cares about my daily activities. My work is His work, and He doesn’t abandon me to it. He works beside me all day, every day. The Spirit of the sovereign, almighty, universal God works through me. He will work through you as well. How wonderful is that!

Father, all our work is Your work. Keep us open. Keep us listening. Keep us dependent on You.

Now to him who is able to do far more abundantly beyond all that we ask or think, according to the power that works within us, to Him be the glory in the church and in Christ Jesus to all generations forever and ever. Amen. (Ephesians 3:20-21, NASB)

Father, though I am small,
weak, and
O so brief,
You are almighty,
all-wise, and
As I trust You,
You accomplish Your beautiful purpose
through me.

Hymn: God’s Mysterious Ways

One Lost Sheep

God views unbelievers,
not with revulsion, but with
a Father’s deep love.
He yearns for them as His
lost children,
lost treasures,
unspeakably precious.
Two musical settings are provided,
one familiar (EVERLASTING LOVE, below) and
one fresh (CHIC SHAVER).

Printed Music

Just one lamb has gone astray,
Weak and wandering, far away.
See the Shepherd leave the rest,
Filled with love for one distressed.
Hear the name He loudly cries!
Mercy floods His anxious eyes!
Braving dangers dark and deep,
Still He seeks His one lost sheep.

Though nine pearls are safe and sound,
We will search till one is found.
Other thoughts are set aside,
Wondering where a pearl might hide.
One that’s lost is not disdained –
It’s a treasure to be gained!
Each is dear, uniquely prized
In its Maker’s loving eyes.

How a Father loves His son,
That in spite of all he’s done!
Feel His deep compassion burn
As He greets His son’s return.
See no angry thought arise.
Tears now wash His laughing eyes.
Join all heaven’s joyful sound!
Celebrate! The lost is found!

by Ken Bible, © 2017


Relationships, Love 1

Monday –      Love

Tuesday –     Which Is More Valuable?
Hymn: Pursue Love (recording) (printed)

Wednesday – Fill Me with Love
Hymn: Pass the Peace of Christ (recording) (printed)

Thursday –  The Essence of Life

Friday –          First Things First
Hymn: Lord, You Are Love (recording) (printed)

Saturday –     True Freedom
Hymn: One in Purpose, One in Passion (recording) (printed)

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Finally, my brothers, rejoice in the Lord! (Philippians 3:1, NIV)

Rejoicing is joy that is dancing.
Rejoicing is faith as it sings.

Every time I turn to You, Lord,
joy rises in me.
You call me to joy.
You call me to be deep-down happy in every situation –
not because the situation is pleasing,
but because You are God and
You are always good.

You want me to rejoice in You!
When I do, I can rejoice always and
with all my heart.

Lord, I rejoice in You this morning
in the face of Satan’s temptations to anxiety and discouragement.
I rejoice that Your work is going forward right now,
in spite of all I see.
Praise to You, my God!

I rejoice that You are faithful to me every moment and that
Your Spirit never leaves me,
not for a second.

I rejoice that my whole family and every person I love is
in Your hands.

And Lord, I rejoice in the privilege of knowing You.
To know You is to trust You.
To trust You is to love You.
And to love You is to take pleasure in You and
rejoice in You continually.

Thank You, my Father!
Thank You for all that You are!

Hymn: Joy in Your Presence

Pictures of God’s Love

Throughout His life and teachings,
Jesus drew a variety of pictures of
the Father’s love.
The most compelling was
His own self-sacrifice.
Set to a familiar tune.

Printed Music

A father runs with streaming tears –
His son, once dead, now lives!
His joyful love gives just a glimpse
Of how our God forgives.

A leper comes back home again,
The lame now leap and dance –
God’s gifts can only start to trace
The deep, divine romance.

His flesh and blood, our bread and wine –
He makes Himself our feast.
In death He serves His life to feed
The meanest and the least.

Discover now by childlike faith
What God delights to show:
A joyful, overflowing love
That every life can know.

by Ken Bible, © 2016