Psalm 125

We are surrounded by God’s everlasting love,
gripped by His unfailing love, and
empowered by His almighty presence.
God is with us!
This hymn is part of the Psalms of Ascents series on Psalms 120 – 134.
To download a pdf of the entire “Psalms of Ascents” series,
complete with companion devotional readings,
click here.

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Look beyond the temporary.
Rise above your fear and pain.
Breathe the everlasting Kingdom.
Walk in God’s eternal reign.
Rest in God’s eternal reign.

Lift your eyes of faith and see Him
Here, as evil threatens harm.
All His power and love surround you.
Feel His everlasting arms.
Trust His everlasting arms.

Darkness dies when comes the morning.
Sin and death cannot endure.
He is light forever shining.
Every step in Him is sure.
Life in Him is safe and sure.

God is good. O what a Father!
Trusting Him is full release.
He is here among His people,
Breathing life and joy and peace,
Life and joy and endless peace.

by Ken Bible, © 2019

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