You Alone

My soul finds rest in God alone. (Psalm 62:1, NIV)

God, You are the only certainty in my life.
You are the only leadership I can trust.
You are my only lasting comfort.
You are my only forever companion.
You alone are my confidence.
You make me adequate.
You make me complete.
You are the only good and worthy thing about me.

You alone are truth, my Lord God.
You alone are reality.
You are, so I am.
You are as I will be.
That’s a miracle worth waiting for.

I wait for You, Lord.
I worship You and
love You and
reach for You alone.

Our trials teach us
the falseness and emptiness of
all that is not God.
Nothing is real,
nothing is good outside of Him.
(paraphrased from Francois Fenelon)

Hymn: Psalm 62

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