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You Alone

My soul finds rest in God alone. (Psalm 62:1, NIV)

God, You are the only certainty in my life.
You are the only leadership I can trust.
You are my only lasting comfort.
You are my only forever companion.
You alone are my confidence.
You make me adequate.
You make me complete.
You are the only good and worthy thing about me.

You alone are truth, my Lord God.
You alone are reality.
You are, so I am.
You are as I will be.
That’s a miracle worth waiting for.

I wait for You, Lord.
I worship You and
love You and
reach for You alone.

Our trials teach us
the falseness and emptiness of
all that is not God.
Nothing is real,
nothing is good outside of Him.
(paraphrased from Francois Fenelon)

Hymn: Psalm 62

God of Endless Abundance

My God will supply all your needs according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus. (Philippians 4:19, NASB)

God of endless abundance,
God of glad, unbounded giving,
You have made me
Your child,
Your heir.
I am rich beyond measure
in You.

Father, help me turn my back on everything
that distracts me from You.
Help me flee from
all anxious grasping,
all foolish desires, and
all self-glory.

Instead, help me wholeheartedly embrace
gratitude, and
joyful, self-giving love.

Father, You are the one eternal God.
Help me love You
with all my heart,
with all that I am and
all that I hold.

You are all-in-all.
I am always
complete and
sufficient in You.

Hymn: God Alone

A Living Hymn

The heavens are telling of the glory of God;
And their expanse is declaring the work of His hands.
Day to day pours forth speech,
And night to night reveals knowledge.
There is no speech, nor are there words;
Their voice is not heard.
Their line has gone out through all the earth,
And their utterances to the end of the world.
(Psalm 19:1-4, NASB)

Father, the heavens sing of Your greatness so
beautifully and
Even their silence is
eloquent and

Can I, Your child, do any less?
May my daily kindness sing of Your
warm smile and
open-armed acceptance.
May my generosity sing of Your
great bounty and
eagerness to share.
Let my patience under pressure sing of Your
faithfulness and
gentle strength and
unshakable peace.

Let my joy in every situation remind those around me that You are
always near and
always good.

Father, make my life a hymn to Your great love.

O Father, my Father,
may I always respond to all You are!
Like the mountains,
may I quake at Your footsteps.
Like the green earth,
may I bear rich fruit because of Your presence in me.
May all pride melt away before the fire of
Your magnificence and
Your holiness.

Hymn: God Alone
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The One Thing

A reflection on Revelation 3:1-6,
Christ’s letter to the church in Sardis.

As you respond to the various pressures around you
in all their variety,
as you decide how to spend
your time,
your energy,
your words,
your money,
your passion, and
your trust,
as your daily actions establish
what is truly important to you,
not what you claim to be important,
realize that in the end,
only one thing will matter.
Only one thing will decide
Your character,
Your identity,
Your influence,
Your peace,
Your eternity.
Only one thing will decide
who you have been here and
who you will be forever.

In the end, all that will matter is
Your relationship with me,
Your Creator,
Your Designer,
Your Father,
Your Savior,
Your only Source of life, love, rightness, and joy.

Consider what you want from this life.
Consider who you want to be, and
choose wisely.

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Hymn: God Alone
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from Prepare Yourself for Worship

My Hands Are Yours

Worship is more than words.
Worship is placing You, Lord, on the throne of
my life and of
all reality.

Thus worship is action.
Worship is obedience.
Worship is service.
Worship is sacrifice.

Father, as I bow before You in worship,
my hands are Yours.
My strength is Yours.
I present my body as a living sacrifice,
separated entirely to You,
tuned to Your will,
transformed by Your Spirit,
wholly pleasing to You,
wholly available to You.

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Hymn: God Alone
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Make Me Whole in You

Father, I am from You.
I am not simply created by You.
I am Your offspring,
Your own child.

What is more, I
live and
move and
exist entirely in You.

Today, Father,
my imperfect body is in Your hands.
My imperfect thoughts and actions are in Your hands.
By Your Spirit,
in Your mercy and love,
make me more and more like
Your holy Son,
my glorious Brother,
Jesus Christ.
Make me whole,
complete, and
pleasing in Him.

I love You, Father, and
I trust You.
I am in Your hands,
mind, and
You are my Shepherd,
my Father,
my breath,
my existence.

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Hymn: God Alone
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I Desire Only You

I desire only You.
I trust only You.
I worship only You.
I seek only You.

In the morning, as I rise to work,
I desire only You.
As I drive to work,
with time to think or listen,
I desire only You.
At work, with decisions to be made,
I desire only You.
As I come home from work, weary,
where I have desired and sought
I desire only You.
In spare moments,
as I face each decision, each task,
I desire only You.

Facing the future,
in my home,
in my ministry,
in my daily life,
I desire only You.

Beautiful Father,
Eternal Father,
Holy Father,
in whom I live and move
and have my being,
I desire only You.

I am Your child.
I ask only one thing.
Father, I desire only

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Hymn: God Alone
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