Psalm 128

Here is a celebration of
the daily blessings of our generous, kind Creator.
Set to a familiar folk tune.
Psalm 128 is part of the Psalms of Ascents series on Psalms 120 – 134.
To download a pdf of the entire “Psalms of Ascents” series,
complete with companion devotional readings,
click here.

Printed Music

Lord, You fill every day with the gifts of Your love
We receive and we share, gracious Father.
Every simple joy is crowned
With dear people all around,
And with them, we can feel Your loving presence.

As we look up to You, great Creator of all,
We are bathed in the flow of Your blessings.
By Your gift of daily bread
Bodies, minds, and hearts are fed,
And we feast on the riches of Your goodness!

As we work, as we laugh, as we pray, Father God,
As we walk in Your Spirit together,
Every joy is just a taste
Of the sharing soon embraced
Heart-to-heart, fully one in You forever!

by Ken Bible, © 2019

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