You Came to Us

The almighty, transcendent God
made Himself
like us
so that we might be
like Him.

Printed Music

Fountain of all, great uncreated Light,
Very God, high above!
Sovereign in power, Your will the final word,
Boundless life, burning love!
Lord, You laid aside all that God can be
And Your glory hid in simplicity.
In love You came, the Son of Man,
All You are as I am.

Helpless You lay, the undiminished God,
Human child, flesh and bone.
What mighty power could bring all heaven here?
Loving Christ, You alone!
You have shown our race what we all can be,
For Your glory fills our humanity.
I hold this hope, though from so far:
All I am as You are.

Lord, we are one! The earth and heaven join.
All is light! All is new!
All join the dance and shout for holy joy!
We are free now in You!
Life is rich and deep and beyond all time.
Every joy is full, every breath divine.
Your glorious gift is now restored.
Loving Christ, You are Lord!

by Ken Bible, © 2008 by

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