Prayer Response to Romans 6

Father, I present all I am,
not to sin,
but to You,
as instruments to glorify You:
my heart, to desire only You,
my mind, to ponder You and Your truth,
my mouth, to speak Your words and Your praise,
my feet, to follow wherever You lead,
my hands, to freely share Your love.

God of all truth and goodness,
all life and love and salvation,
I am Your servant.
By Your grace and through my obedient response,
separate me entirely to Yourself.
Make me holy and
wholly Yours in
all I am and
all I do.

The end of sin is death,
so I leave it in the past.
My present and future are in You and
in Your boundless, unending life.
Praise to You, my Father!

Listen and sing:
Hymn: Romans 6
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