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God Alone

We grasp so much for material goods
though they give us little satisfaction.
Yet we are satisfied with so little of God.
He has endless treasures to give,
and we are content with only passing moments of inner joy.

Give yourself entirely to God.
Make pleasing Him your only concern.
Whatever you do throughout your day,
do it for Him.
Turn away from everything that doesn’t lead to Him.

You were made for God alone.
Find your happiness in loving Him.

Hymn: Draw My Desires to You, Lord

God of Endless Abundance

My God will supply all your needs according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus. (Philippians 4:19, NASB)

God of endless abundance,
God of glad, unbounded giving,
You have made me
Your child,
Your heir.
I am rich beyond measure
in You.

Father, help me turn my back on everything
that distracts me from You.
Help me flee from
all anxious grasping,
all foolish desires, and
all self-glory.

Instead, help me wholeheartedly embrace
gratitude, and
joyful, self-giving love.

Father, You are the one eternal God.
Help me love You
with all my heart,
with all that I am and
all that I hold.

You are all-in-all.
I am always
complete and
sufficient in You.

Hymn: God Alone

Your Glory, Lord

Sovereign Lord,
Fountain of all goodness and beauty,
You are perfect wisdom.
You are perfect love.
What else could I want but
Your will?
What else matters?

Knowing You, my Father,
what could I desire but
to glorify You?
What other ambition could
fill my heart and
fire my imagination?
You are
good and
great, and
You are always with us
right here,
right now.
Everyone needs to know You!
Help me glorify You, Father.
This is the high privilege for which
You created me.
This is the purpose for which
You saved me at such a precious price.

You are my master.
I am Your joyful servant.
Exalt Yourself through me.
Use me as pleases You.
Use my weaknesses.
May they make it plain that
You deserve all the glory,
not me.
Use my ignorance.
Lift Yourself through my failures.
Lead me through
suffering, or
Humble me in any way You choose
if it will show the world just how
radiantly wonderful You are!

I am Your servant.
I cannot choose my path.
You choose, my Lord.
Just help me fulfill
this one goal,
this one desire:
to stay faithful to You. 

Listen and sing:
Hymn: A Servant’s Prayer (BINNEY)
Printed Music & Lyrics

from Prepare Yourself for Worship

Thoroughly Present

Father, You are thoroughly present with Your worshiping people.
You are the Source of all,
forever sustaining
all life and
all reality.
Yet You lavish Your focused attention on us
as on a loved one whose
presence and affection are deeply treasured.
You lean toward us,
hungrily drinking in our
every word,
every concern,
every desire.

When we gather in worship,
You are thoroughly present with me, Almighty God.
Help me to be thoroughly present with You,
fully invested in
every song,
every hope,
every word.
Fill my mind with Your truth,
my heart with the music of prayer, and
my mouth with exultant praise.

You give all Yourself to me.
Help me give all myself to You. 

Listen and sing:
Hymn: My Mind Will Be Your Holy Place
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Prayer Response to Romans 6

Father, I present all I am,
not to sin,
but to You,
as instruments to glorify You:
my heart, to desire only You,
my mind, to ponder You and Your truth,
my mouth, to speak Your words and Your praise,
my feet, to follow wherever You lead,
my hands, to freely share Your love.

God of all truth and goodness,
all life and love and salvation,
I am Your servant.
By Your grace and through my obedient response,
separate me entirely to Yourself.
Make me holy and
wholly Yours in
all I am and
all I do.

The end of sin is death,
so I leave it in the past.
My present and future are in You and
in Your boundless, unending life.
Praise to You, my Father!

Listen and sing:
Hymn: Romans 6
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I Am Yours Completely

Creator God, Father God,
I am Yours.
You conceived me and shaped me
from Yourself.
You gifted me
from Yourself.
My life,
my dignity,
any ability or awareness or worth I have
are all given by You and
shared with You.
I can only exist
in You.
I can only be whole
in You.
I am from You.

Redeemer God, Son of God,
I am Yours.
When I was hopelessly enslaved to
sin, weakness, and death,
You laid down Your own life to buy me back.
I belong to You
mind, and
My only life is
in You.
My only forgiveness is
in You.
My only holiness is
in You.

Breath of God, Spirit of God,
I am Yours.
Moment by moment
I am one with the Father
in You.
I am one with the Son
in You.
I breathe the life,
the power, and
the wisdom of God
in You.

Son, and
by Your Word,
by Your blood, and
by Your breath,
I am Yours completely
now and
Praise to You!

Listen and sing:
Hymn: Give God What Is God’s
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Reinvest My Thoughts

Do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink; or about your body, what you will wear…For the pagans run after all these things, and your heavenly Father knows that you need them. But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. (Matthew 6:25, 32-33, NIV)

You take such good care of me that so
little thought can profitably be spent
on myself.

So take my thoughts,
my hopes,
my energies –
all of them –
and invest them where they will get
their best return.
Invest them where they will
glorify and please You.

Listen and sing:
Hymn: Lord, May Our Thoughts Begin with You
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from Prepare Yourself for Worship

This Time Is Yours

Father, in these moments of worship, help me to be
fully present,
fully with You,
fully Yours.
May my life of complete consecration to You
begin right now.
You hear my heart as I
speak the total surrender that
I long to be true.

You know that no matter how pure my intentions,
I can only live one moment at a time.
This is the only time that is truly mine, and
Lord, I give it to You.
Make my desires,
my thoughts,
my energies
all Yours,
beginning right now.

Speak – I am listening.
Command – I wait to obey.
Lead – I gladly follow.

Listen and sing:
Hymn: Holy in You
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from Prepare Yourself for Worship

My Hands Are Yours

Worship is more than words.
Worship is placing You, Lord, on the throne of
my life and of
all reality.

Thus worship is action.
Worship is obedience.
Worship is service.
Worship is sacrifice.

Father, as I bow before You in worship,
my hands are Yours.
My strength is Yours.
I present my body as a living sacrifice,
separated entirely to You,
tuned to Your will,
transformed by Your Spirit,
wholly pleasing to You,
wholly available to You.

Listen and sing:
Hymn: God Alone
Printed Music & Lyrics

from Prepare Yourself for Worship

My Heart Is Yours

Father, You are all that is good,
all that is holy,
all that is lasting,
all that is life.
As I turn to You now,
draw all my desires to Yourself alone.

Burn away every other desire,
every other yearning,
every other hope,
every other ambition.
Burn them away with the light of
Your beauty,
Your unbounded goodness, and
Your complete sufficiency.

Forgive my foolish wandering.
My heart is Yours alone.
All I want is You.

Listen and sing:
Hymn: An Undivided Heart
Printed Music & Lyrics