The Father’s Gift

Father, we are thoroughly human,
made from dust.
You are thoroughly transcendent,
infinitely above us.
How can we ever be fully united with You?

You show us Jesus.
He was completely human,
yet You and He were completely one
because You shared the same Spirit.
You shared the same Breath.
You lived as one.
You spoke as one.
You loved as one.

Your Son came to fill us with Your Spirit,
the Spirit that made Him so
beautiful and complete in You.
He came to share with us
His relationship with You,
His life in You,
His oneness with You.

This life-changing Gift is poured out
among us and
within us
by simple faith.
And what a marvelous Gift He is!
Yet He is only a downpayment,
only a small taste of
our full and eternal oneness with You.

One with You, Father,
one in Your Son,
one through Your Spirit,
fully and forever.
This is the Gift You have given.
You Yourself are the Gift.
Praise to You!

Listen and sing:
Hymn: Holy, Boundless Breath of God
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