Peace in You

Father, You have no need –
no weakness,
no uncertainty.
You are never caught short.
You are at peace in Your
fullness and

Peace can always, only be found in You.
Father, You want me to share in Your peace.
You want me to share in You.
Outside of You is
darkness, and
In You is
unshakable peace.
That’s the peace You want for me:
peace in You.

I long for the temporary peace that comes from
the removal of my current need.
I cry in desperation, “O Lord, take it away!”
But this need will simply be replaced by another.
Needs come and go.
My neediness remains.

But You are complete.
All that is good,
all that I will ever need,
is in Your very being.
As I trust You step by step,
I am complete in You.

Today and every day,
whatever my circumstance, Father,
You offer me the gift of a
grace-filled life
in Your peace,
the peace we find in Your human Son,
Jesus Christ.

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Hymn: Peace in Christ
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