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Resting in You

There remains a Sabbath rest for the people of God.
(Hebrews 4:9, NASB)

Father, You are wisdom.
Your working is deeper,
higher, and
more far-reaching than I can imagine.

You are absolute power.
You do what pleases You.
No one challenges Your mighty arm.
Nothing stops Your purpose.

Father, You are love.
Nothing exhausts Your gentle compassion.
Nothing strains Your joyful self-giving.

So when You whisper, I will listen.
When You lead, I will follow wherever You go.
When Your will brings me
delay or
sorrow or
I will love You and
trust You and
rest in the rightness of all You do.

The best place to be is
where God has put you.
Do not look beyond it, and
be content there
moment by moment.
(paraphrased from Francois Fenelon)

Hymn: Peace in Christ

Perfect Peace

Printed Music 

Perfect peace,
God’s own peace,
Vast beyond all knowing;
Rich in Him,
Full in Him,
Deep and ever growing.

Death is gone,
Fears all fading,
Blessings like a river.
God in us,
Loving, giving,
Flowing through forever.

Perfect peace,
God’s own peace;
Simple faith can free us.
Rich in Him,
Full in Him;
Find your peace in Jesus.

Peace in You

Father, You have no need –
no weakness,
no uncertainty.
You are never caught short.
You are at peace in Your
fullness and

Peace can always, only be found in You.
Father, You want me to share in Your peace.
You want me to share in You.
Outside of You is
darkness, and
In You is
unshakable peace.
That’s the peace You want for me:
peace in You.

I long for the temporary peace that comes from
the removal of my current need.
I cry in desperation, “O Lord, take it away!”
But this need will simply be replaced by another.
Needs come and go.
My neediness remains.

But You are complete.
All that is good,
all that I will ever need,
is in Your very being.
As I trust You step by step,
I am complete in You.

Today and every day,
whatever my circumstance, Father,
You offer me the gift of a
grace-filled life
in Your peace,
the peace we find in Your human Son,
Jesus Christ.

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Hymn: Peace in Christ
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In Me You Have Peace

John 16:29-33

Jesus Christ speaks the truth completely and openly.
He is honest with us about
our weaknesses and
the trouble that life in this world will bring.
But He forcefully teaches us and constantly reminds us
that we should always be joyful because of
the blessings and resources that are ours in Him.

“In the world you have tribulation.”
Pressure will come.
The world will squeeze us.

“In Me you have peace.”
We have wholeness, harmony, and well-being
by trusting Christ need by need.

“Take courage. I have overcome the world.”
We will never encounter any trouble or opposition
that Christ hasn’t already overcome. 

Listen and sing:
Hymn: We Are in Christ Jesus
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Deep Peace

My soul finds rest in God alone. (Psalm 62:1, NIV)

As we develop a habit of continual prayer, our relationship with God grows. We are at rest in Him. Our spirit is satisfied in His presence.

In a sense, we live as if it is only God and us in the world. We are always together and converse naturally. We gain a holy freedom in Him. We ask whatever we need, and He pours unexpected graces on us. Our trust deepens. We rejoice with Him in a thousand daily ways.

This communion with God is held in the depths of the soul, at its very center. We can speak to God heart-to-heart in a wonderful peace. Exterior concerns are only a fire of straw: the more they flare, the sooner they are burnt out. Such concerns need not disturb our inner peace.

Listen and sing:
Hymn: Peace in Christ
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by Brother Lawrence and Ken Bible

The Peace of Jesus

John 14:27-31

“Peace I leave with you; My peace I give to you; not as the world gives do I give to you. Do not let your heart be troubled, nor let it be fearful.” (John 14:27, NASB)

As Jesus faces all the trouble,
all the suffering,
all the death this world can bring,
He gives us His peace.
His peace is unshaken and unshakable.
It is not just an absence of all conflict.
It is wholeness,
rightness, and
It is an unencumbered relationship with God our Father.

We talk a lot about peace,
but do you truly want it constantly in your heart and life?
The scriptures consistently point us to Jesus Christ:

Christ came to bring us peace. (Luke 2:14)

In the midst of our hardships,
we can enjoy His peace. (John 16:33)

Christ has made us right with God,
giving us peace with Him. (Romans 5:1)

The Kingdom of God is not temporary, physical pleasure,
but righteousness, joy, and
peace in the Holy Spirit. (Romans 14:17)

As we bring our concerns to Christ,
He wraps us in His peace. (Philippians 4:4-7)

Love, joy, and peace are the fruit of
the Spirit of Christ within us. (Galatians 5:22)

Christ gives us His peace, and
it is unlike any other.
It is not vague, temporary, or shallow.
It is not a serene setting or a passing mood.
It is a full, rich, unchanging well-being in God that
will not fade in and out with changing circumstances.
It will not change, because God does not change.

Listen and sing:
Hymn: Pass the Peace of Christ
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