Daily Holiness

O what an awesome God You are!
I hear Your voice and touch Your heart
And glimpse Your perfect plan.
Then how I long to live and grow
With love as constant guide and goal,
To move at its command.

But life is such a daily race.
The pressures mount, and selfish ways
Invade my life unseen.
And though I seek the things above,
Consistency and perfect love
Still seem a distant dream.

But mercies every morning new
And faithfulness flow but from You,
Eternal God of grace.
You give the Spirit of Your Son
To live Your life in everyone
Who daily walks by faith.

My Father, faithful, loving Lord,
I look to You and trust Your Word
And praise You for release.
The One who works Your will and way
Will work in me and grow each day
Your love and joy and peace.

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