All the Best of Life

God’s recipe for success is completely different than ours. Human society seems to prize people that are strong, self-confident, positive, and assertive, pursuing goals that provide themselves and others with more money or enhanced physical life. Are they a bit selfish? No problem. Who isn’t?

But read Matthew 5:3-12, the beatitudes. These are Jesus’ recipe for success. Remember, He alone has experienced both life on earth and an eternity in heaven. He has seen it all, and here is His description of the person truly blessed by God: poor in spirit; mourning; meek; hungering and thirsting for righteousness; merciful; pure in heart; making peace; suffering persecution for obeying God.

What an unlikely set of qualifications for success! None of the qualifications are strength, skill, material goods, or human accomplishment. All flow from a focus on God and the humility that results.

Here are the gifts God gives these blessed ones: the Kingdom of heaven; His comfort; rulership of the entire earth; righteousness in abundance; mercy; the privilege of seeing God and being His children.

None of these gifts of God are material. All are blessings on the inner, eternal person, and all outlast this world. Jesus, the only person with a complete and accurate view of life, urges us to prize these gifts.

Father, I want to please You.
May that always be my one goal and desire.
And may that desire shape
my heart, my thoughts, and my daily life.

Listen…and sing if you want:
Hymn: Beatitudes Hymn
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