Children: God’s Living Promise

Children are a gift of the Lord. (Psalm 127:3, NASB)

Why does our loving God continue to send helpless infants into this horrific world? They arrive totally dependent, entering every conceivable circumstance, including the most cruel and inhumane. There they are too often neglected and brutally victimized by the darkest human evil.

Why does God continue to send us children?

Remember God’s promise to Noah. Faced with the relentless evil of the human race, God gave us a new start through Noah and his family. Then He promised all life on earth that no matter how awful evil became, death would not win. Life would win. Then He gave the rainbow as His beautiful reminder of that promise.

Children are God’s living rainbow. They are His gift of life, of future, of hope. They are His beautiful, tender, tangible assurance that, in the face of all that evil can do, LIFE WILL WIN.

Evil seems powerful and pervasive.
But its time is strictly limited.
It is a beast that
charges in and rages
but is doomed to die.

Hymn: Snowflakes

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