You Are God

You whom I see so dimly and
trust so haltingly,
trust so haltingly,
You are GOD.
I look up and around me,
backward, then forward,
as far as my imagination can stretch,
and You are there.

Creator God,
You greet me when I rise in the morning.
God of Goliath and Jericho,
You invite me to trust You
when life seems impossible.
God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob,
You will introduce yourself
to my great-great-grandchildren.
You will be God for them as well.
You wrap each of us,
with all time and space,
in Yourself.
And when You speak Your name,
it is Compassion,
it is Faithfulness,
it is Father.

O Lord, my Lord,
how excellent is Your name in all the earth!
Let me hope in nothing else,
let me long for nothing else,
let me worship nothing and no one else
but You,
Everlasting Father,
my God.

We fail to fully grasp the
wonderful reality of God because
in our small and self-centered hearts,
we cannot conceive any Being
so much greater than ourselves.

Hymn: All-in-all

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