You Are Calling Me to Yourself

Psalm 25:10; 31:15; Matthew 11:28-30; John 15:11; Romans 8:28

Through everything that happens,
the restless love of God is
forever calling us and
drawing us to Him.

Printed Music

Each little joy, each morning sun
Announce a greater joy begun.
Your every word and all You do
Invite my hungry heart to You.

When deepest sorrow clouds my face,
You turn my tears to gifts of grace.
Your words of love are proven true.
O what a comfort here in You!

All light and shadow serve the same:
They sing Your great and gracious name.
They serve the purpose You pursue –
To make our joy complete in You.

Through sunny days, through hopes deferred,
I trust Your love; I trust Your Word.
O Father God, each morning new
I rest my life, my all in You.

by Ken Bible, © 2019

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