I Am Your Salvation

Salvation is not a
“something” Christ brings to us.
He Himself is our salvation.
His Spirit within is
our life,
our strength,
our holiness,
our joy.
This hymn is meaningful year-round,
but especially through the Lent and Easter seasons.

Printed Music

I am your salvation.
I am Christ your Lord,
Crucified and buried,
Now alive forevermore;
Crushed for your forgiveness,
Broken for your sin,
Risen for your endless joy
And mighty now within.

I am your salvation.
Rest in me today.
Don’t you know I’m with you
And I listen as you pray?
Fear and grief may gather.
Doubt will do its best.
Stand and simply trust in Me,
And I will do the rest.

Alpha and Omega,
Ever on the throne-
All you see will fade and die,
And I will reign alone.
I am your salvation.
I am your reward.
Boldly lose your life in Me
And prove that I am Lord.

by Ken Bible, © 2002 LNWhymns.com.

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