Psalm 24

“Psalm 24” helps us
focus our eyes on
our Almighty God –
Creator God (v.1),
Holy God (vv.2-3), and
God enthroned above all (v.4).

Printed Music

Yours is the world, Creator Lord.
Riches unseen and unexplored,
All that our hungry hearts would own –
All flow from You, and You alone.

You are the good our souls desire,
You all the good that You require.
But who presumes on such a grace?
Who dares approach You face-to-face?

One with clean hands and pure in heart,
Holy and true and set apart.
Who can approach You, Holy One?
The soul that comes in Christ Your Son.

Open the doors and let Him in!
Let joyful shouts of praise begin!
Come, glorious King, we lift the gates!
Come, Jesus Christ, Your throne awaits!

by Ken Bible, © 2018

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