The Allness of God

Our God is the
Sustainer, and
Goal of
all that is –
every place,
every time,
every person,
every circumstance.
This hymn helps us
sing that glorious truth
into the fabric of our hearts, minds, and lives.

Printed Music

All that is, all that was, all that ever will be
Flows from You, Source of Being, its Fountain, its Sea.
You’re the reason for life, all the why, all the how,
All the riches of joy, evermore, here and now.

You are full, overflowing, unchanging, complete.
You are truth in its splendor, no shade, no deceit.
You are perfect in wisdom, by faith understood.
You are justice unflinching, yet gloriously good!

You’re the breath of all life, all its wholeness and health,
All its beauty and passion, its grandeur and wealth.
You are all that the hungry and helpless could need:
Mighty grace for the sinner and freedom indeed!

All the love and the praise that pure greatness inspires,
All our highest of hopes, all our deepest desires,
All our worship and unending honor is due,
O Creator, our Savior, our Sovereign, to You!

by Ken Bible, © 2019

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