Psalm 77

Do you ever go through times when
life and faith are
a struggle?
Perhaps now?
This hymn is for you.

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I try to pray as problems press,
But nothing seems to change.
The solid faith my words profess
Now echoes with my emptiness,
And joyful songs feel strange.

O God, You seem forever gone.
My world is not the same.
The hope I built my life upon
And all its glories feel withdrawn
And mock the faith I claim.

But in the silence I recite
The truth of all You’ve done –
Your parted seas, Your gracious might,
Your actions, always good and right,
Your battles always won.

So in this darkness, Lord, I rest,
Assured of what is true:
Through every trauma, every test
Your love can only give the best.
I wait, I trust in You.

by Ken Bible, © 2019

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