Based on the Song of Solomon,
this hymn paints a picture of the
self-giving nature of love –
the love that is expressed most fully in
the love of God.

Printed Music

Love is heaven’s garden
Where endless glories grow;
Love, the highest pleasure
That human hearts can know.
Hear its haunting music,
Though gentle as a dove,
Filling all creation,
For God Himself is love.

Lovers crave each other
With quenchless, deep desire.
Love is boundless longing,
An all-consuming fire.
Love is gnawing hunger
To hold that one alone.
With that burning hunger
God yearns for all His own.

Love delights in beauty
That only love can see,
Thirsting for the heaven
Of all that love can be.
Love is total giving
By joyful, eager choice,
Seeking, waiting, longing,
And listening for that voice.

by Ken Bible, © 2019

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