Psalm 71

Psalm 71 is the prayer of an
older person.
This hymn expresses the
vulnerability and
poignant faith of
that timeless psalm.
Do you know any older persons
who might find this hymn

Printed Music

You have been my strength,
Everlasting Father.
You were there to cradle me and soothe my infant cry.
Now that I am old,
Gripped by growing weakness,
Hold me ever closer, O my joy, my hope, my song,
God, my joy, my song!

In the face of fear,
With this body failing,
I am growing stronger as I trust You need by need.
Fill each day with praise!
Flood them all with singing!
May my every word and deed be always only You,
Always, only You!

Everlasting God,
Faithful, ever faithful,
Grace and truth and tenderness are always who You are.
You are all my hope,
You, my living promise:
Soon this seed will blossom into everlasting life,
Rich and endless life.

by Ken Bible, © 2017, 2019

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