Do You Hear Him?

I will listen to what God the Lord will say,
for He promises peace to His people.

When we suffer,
God speaks to us in the midst of our trouble.
He wants to draw us out of our distress
into deliverance,
into a spacious place that is wide open and free.
He wants to lead us to a banquet table
filled with all the best food.
(Psalm 85:5; Job 36:15-16; para.)

Creation is God’s song about Himself.
Are you listening?

He speaks in the thunder.
Do you tremble at His majesty?

He speaks in a small whisper.
Don’t let your desires drown out His voice.

He speaks in the silence.
Are you resting in Him?

He speaks through pain and distress.
Do you still trust His tender love?

He speaks through a thousand daily pleasures,
calling you to find constant joy in Him.

Your Father is always speaking.
As you trust Him,
you will hear Him.

Father, help me to
hear and obey
every word You speak to me,
for each word is
loving and
wise and
for the best.

Hymn: Voice of God

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