Christ in Psalm 67

In the human Jesus Christ
we see our Father in all His
holy magnificence!
Know Him!
Trust Him!
Praise Him!

Printed Music

Unfathomed God, complete in Christ,
You sing and dance Your love in Christ.
The riches of Your boundless life
All flow to us in Jesus Christ.
In all that history surveys,
In all creation’s vast displays
We glimpse Your wise and tender ways.
They shine complete in Jesus Christ.

O God, let all the peoples praise
And earth and heaven join to raise
The Name reality obeys:
Your Son, our Brother, Jesus Christ.
O Truth and Grace, O Joy and Light,
O Wisdom, Wealth, and Sovereign Might,
Pure Love in all its depth and height –
All praise to You in Jesus Christ!

by Ken Bible, © 2019


  1. carolynn bailey says:

    Beautiful rendering of Psalm 67, Ken! Thank you for your ministry!

  2. Ken Bible says:

    Thank you for your encouragement, Carolynn.

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