What a Priceless Treasure!

I am the way, and the truth, and the life. (John 14:6, NASB)

Father, without You, my physical life is
brief and
riddled with trouble and sorrow.
But You are peace.
You are forever.

Without You, I cannot be who I ought to be or
do what I ought to do.
But You are good and
right and
gloriously perfect in
all You are and
all You do.

Without You, I live in the darkness.
But You are the Light.

Without You, I am
false in my thinking,
false in my speaking,
false in my doing.
But You are Truth,
beautiful and

In You, Father,
as I trust in You,
I live in the Truth,
I walk in the Light, and
I am fully pleasing to You.
I am pure and lovely in You.

Father, what a priceless treasure is our
living relationship!
moment by moment,
keep me in You!

We enjoy a well-being that
flows all around us and
goes before us,
a well-being that is
deeper and more permanent than
our temporary troublesome circumstances.
It is the peace and presence,
the power and unfailing goodness of
our Father Creator.

Hymn: Think, Speak, and Live the Truth

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