Father, Receive My Gift

Psalm 131:1-2

Father, You are beyond all need.
You are full to overflowing.
All that is
flows from You and
is forever nourished by You.
Your nature, Your joy is
to give,
to share,
to bless.

Your resources are endless, and
Your authority is complete.
You simply speak, and
it is so.
Your will is the power that fuels all reality.
Your love is the music that makes the universe dance.

You are not impressed by our material gifts.
You are like a great-hearted king
to whom a child joyfully, lovingly brings a penny.
The penny is worthless.
The love is priceless.

Father, my Father,
that’s what I want to give You:
I want to daily bring You my love.
Like the alabaster perfume,
like the widow’s mite,
I want my life to be a gift of love,
worthless to the world, but
priceless to my loving Father.

Let all my “accomplishments” be like
a child’s drawing.
Receive the love they express, Father.
Receive the worship,
simple but sincere.
Receive the gift
because it is all I have.
I offer it joyfully,
to You.

You can speak universes into existence
with a word, and
a thousand years is as a day to you.
So You are not impressed by our material gifts.
Like any parent, You long for Your children.
You long for us –
our hearts,
our minds,
our lives.
You want us to love You with all our
mind, and

Hymn: As Simply as a Child

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