One Lost Sheep

God views unbelievers,
not with revulsion, but with
a Father’s deep love.
He yearns for them as His
lost children,
lost treasures,
unspeakably precious.
Two musical settings are provided,
one familiar (EVERLASTING LOVE, below) and
one fresh (CHIC SHAVER).

Printed Music

Just one lamb has gone astray,
Weak and wandering, far away.
See the Shepherd leave the rest,
Filled with love for one distressed.
Hear the name He loudly cries!
Mercy floods His anxious eyes!
Braving dangers dark and deep,
Still He seeks His one lost sheep.

Though nine pearls are safe and sound,
We will search till one is found.
Other thoughts are set aside,
Wondering where a pearl might hide.
One that’s lost is not disdained –
It’s a treasure to be gained!
Each is dear, uniquely prized
In its Maker’s loving eyes.

How a Father loves His son,
That in spite of all he’s done!
Feel His deep compassion burn
As He greets His son’s return.
See no angry thought arise.
Tears now wash His laughing eyes.
Join all heaven’s joyful sound!
Celebrate! The lost is found!

by Ken Bible, © 2017

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