God Is Calling

This hymn celebrates
the beautiful truth that God is
everywhere, calling
everyone to Himself.
To a familiar tune.

Printed Music

God is calling, always calling
Through all time and everywhere,
Calling all to come and know Him,
Calling souls now unaware.

What a love, so undiscouraged,
Tender still, though hearts are hard.
Hear His voice through all the ages.
Hear Him whisper in Your heart.

Sin and death rise all around us,
But look up! Don’t be afraid!
Christ has died, and Christ has risen!
Hear Him call, “The price is paid!”

Father God, as through the ages,
You are calling out today,
Calling us to join Your purpose.
Lord, we hear, and we obey.

by Ken Bible, © 2003 LNWhymns.com.


  1. Ashlie Hufferd says:

    Hi! Are you Ken Bible of Totally Outrageous Smelly Socks and Salamander Stew? My sisters and I loved that album growing up and cannot find a copy to save our lives, could you direct me where I could buy one?

    • kenbible says:

      Hello. Yes, I am that Ken Bible. That album was fun! I’m glad you like it. It belongs to Lillenas Publishing Company, the music division of Nazarene Publishing House. I’ve been gone from there for over 10 years now, so I don’t have current contact info. But their website is lillenas.com, and I believe the phone number is 1-800-877-0700. Hope this helps. God bless you!

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