A New Day

Father, it’s like a sunrise
whenever I taste Your love;
whenever I sense Your working;
whenever I realize Your personal presence with me.
Each time it is a ray of light,
a bit of splendor!
It is a glimpse of Your magnificence!

And each sunrise,
each shining, new day,
reminds me of what is soon to come:
the dawning of a radiant, stunningly-perfect day
that will never end.

No more darkness.
No more pain or sorrow.
No more dying
ever again.
Just You and
all that You are,
filling all that is.

In the meantime, Father,
thank You for each of Your glorious reminders!

Sometimes the Bible explains heaven
in terms of earthly things,
to help us begin to grasp
what is beyond our experience.
But when we get there, I believe we will see that
heaven is the original and
earth is a shadow of it.
As we get closer to the Light,
we will see more truly and broadly.

Hymn: I See the New Creation
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