Christ in Psalm 45

As the Bride of Christ,
we are to have
His heart and
His mind and
burn with the passions that drive Him.
To a familiar tune.

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O Bride of Christ, look to your Bridegroom,
The King of Kings, God’s holy Son.
Your highest good, your joy, your glory:
To live and breathe in Him as one.

O Bride of Christ, His throne is justice,
His throne is truth and glorious light.
His reign is peace and holy freedom.
Join Him and burn for truth and right.

O Bride of Christ, His heart is kindness.
With every breath He gives Himself.
His love is rich, eternal treasure.
O give your days to nothing else!

O Bride of Christ, He is your future.
Eternal joy is now begun!
He is the dawn of love’s perfection.
Walk in His light till we are one.

by Ken Bible, © 2018 by

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