Christ in Psalm 40

Jesus Christ Himself is
all the salvation described in
Psalm 40.
He lifted us out of the mire,
set our feet on a rock, and
put a new song in our mouths.
The hymn is set to a familiar tune.

Printed Music

You rescued me in Christ,
Established me in Christ.
A new song fills my joyful heart –
A song of praise to Christ!

What wonders You have done!
What life completely new!
What love and peace by simple faith!
Lord, who compares to You?

Christ came and gave and died
To do Your perfect will.
I take my cross and follow Him
My calling to fulfill.

My trust is all in Christ.
My holiness is Christ.
My light, my strength, my highest goal
Is all and only Christ!

by Ken Bible, © 2018 by

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