Father, in This Suffering

Even as we walk through
the darkest valleys,
we can know God’s
precious, personal presence with us.
We can share a
deep, sweet union with
Christ, the Man of Sorrows.

Printed Music

Father, in this suffering,
This deep and desperate darkness,
Though I cannot feel You,
I know You walk beside me.
Broken and defenseless,
Awash in waves of sorrow,
Reason now is helpless,
But faith is calmly resting
In Christ, with Christ in You.

Through this loss so bitter
You give a gift more precious:
Deeper, sweeter union
With Christ, the Man of Sorrows.
All is false and fleeting
But You, my love, my Father!
Suffering always passes,
But joy is full forever
In Christ, with Christ in You.

by Ken Bible, © 2016 by LNWhymns.com.

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