Christ in Psalm 7

Because Christ,
the innocent one,
suffered injustice for us,
He declares us
Praise His name!

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Christ stands condemned by hate and pride.
Justice and truth hang crucified.
Love, ever sovereign age to age,
Gently submits to evil’s rage.

See God present His Perfect Son,
Not to acquit the guiltless One,
But with the sacrifice displayed
Hear Him rejoice: “Their price is paid!”

See Christ arise to claim His own,
He who has shared their flesh and bone.
With the redeemed all gathered round,
Earth now explodes with joyful sound.

Join in the praise as tongues confess
Christ and His gifts all measureless,
Singing His grace still unexplored.
Darkness is past, and Christ is Lord!


by Ken Bible, © 2018

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