You Are Good

A prayer response to Revelation 19:1-6,
the four-fold hallelujah

Father, we join the song of
all the saints of
all the ages:
You are right and good, and
everything You do is right and good.

You are good when You bless and
good when You punish.
You are good when You give and
good when You take away.
You are good when life is bathed in light and
good when all is darkness.

You are good when we understand You and
good when our minds and hearts are too small.
You are good in our abundance and
good in our need.
You are good when we laugh and
good when grief overwhelms us.

Father, through every season
in every situation,
You are good.
You are good, and
Your love endures forever. 

Listen and sing:
Hymn: You Are Good
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