At the End of the Day

Father, it’s nearly bedtime.
My mind is tired.
My body is tired.
But I don’t want this day to end
without turning to You once more, at its close.

You were good and faithful today,
just like always.
Thank You, my Father!
You being You
is what makes life wonderful!

I was not always like Christ today:
harsh words…
missed opportunities.
Too often I was distracted from what was
truly important.
Sometimes I forgot to pray
when I needed You.

But Father, You are
so good,
so forgiving, and
so generous
that I still end this day with a glow of joy.
You are with me, and
I am with You,
You love me,
with all Your magnificent being.
How can I help but smile all over,
even when I’m weary
and imperfect?
How can I help but love You? 

Listen and sing:
Hymn: Evening Prayer
Printed Music & Lyrics

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