God’s Persecuted People

Jesus, You are our Savior,
our Sacrifice,
the Faithful and True Witness,
the Lamb slain for our salvation.
We are Your followers,
Your servants,
Your friends,
Your bride.
Loving Savior, we are Your own Body.

We share Your glory, and
we share Your shame.
We share Your honor, and
we share Your suffering.
We share Your strength
and Your weakness,
Your joy
and Your sorrow.
We share Your death and
Your everlasting life.

Our desire
and our destiny
is to share in all You are.
As You depended on the Father
and were complete and sufficient in Him,
we depend on You
and are complete and sufficient in You.

Lead on,
conquering Savior!
We love You! We trust You!
We take up our cross and
follow wherever You lead! 

Listen and sing:
Hymn: Hymn for the Persecuted Church (JEFFERSON 2)
Printed Music & Lyrics

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