Reciting What I Know

I need reassurance today, my Lord God,
so I recite what I know.

I know You are with me, Father.
I know You love me.
I know You are working all things for my good.

More importantly, I know You are working Your will through my life and
through all that is happening to me.
I know You love my loved ones and
are working for the best of each and every one of them.
Thank You, Father!

I know You are never surprised,
never caught off guard,
never threatened,
never defeated.

I know that very soon I will see You face-to-face.
I will see You as You are, and
I will be like You.
I will be with You forever.

In You, Lord God, the truth, the reality of my life is wonderful.
I choose to live in that reality today.

Listen and sing:
Hymn: Blind Faith
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