Breath of God

In both the Old Testament (Hebrew) and the New Testament (Greek), the word we translate as “spirit” also means “breath”. Every living being shares God’s breath in a physical sense. He is the source of all life. All life flows from Him. We breathe His breath. If He withholds it, we die (Psalm 104:29-30).

Our spiritual life is the same: we breathe His breath. His Spirit joins with our spirit as we allow Him…as we trust Him. We don’t become more Christ-like, more holy, more consistent, more adequate for life’s challenges by trying harder. Such personal efforts are useless and frustrating (Romans 7:7-25). God longs to share His own life, His own holiness, His own sufficiency with us. He longs to breathe His Spirit, His breath through us. We just have to trust Him, step by step, need by need.

Life in Christ, and Christ living within us, is beautiful and natural. Joy doesn’t need to be just a temporary emotion. It can flow from our relationship with Him. It can be as unchanging as He is. Life need not end with this physical body. If our life is His life, that life will go on forever.

Oneness with Jesus Christ is the great blessing of heaven. There it will be constant and complete. What a wonderful reality it will be! That oneness is also the greatest good of life here and now. Make it your greatest goal and deepest desire.

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Hymn: Breath of Life
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