God Loves the Lost

Matthew 9:36; 10:5-6; 12:11-12; 15:24; 18:12-14;
Mark 6:34; Luke 15; John 10:1-30; 2 Peter 3:9 

Jesus doesn’t think of sinners as repulsive people to be
despised, or
He thinks of them as
lost sheep,
lost treasure, or
lost children.
They are to be searched for
God’s love never gives up!

Sinners arouse, not His condemnation, but
His compassion.
They stir, not His anger,
but His love and mercy

When the lost sheep is brought safely back,
When the treasure is found,
When the wayward child comes back home,
still in the rags of sin,
run to meet him!
Shower him with hugs and joyful tears!
Welcome him with full and glad acceptance!
One of God’s children is alive from the dead!
Let the party begin!

Listen and sing:
Hymn: One Lost Sheep
Printed Music & Lyrics

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