Who Is on Trial?

Follow Jesus through His arrest and trial.
Look around.
Who do you see?

See the religious leaders,
proud and self-righteous,
anxiously scheming to murder an innocent man.

See Judas,
grasping for silver,
even though it means betraying an innocent friend.

See the other disciples
scurrying away to protect themselves,
fearfully cowering behind locked doors.

See Pilate, the Roman governor,
knowing the truth
but too weak to act on it.

Fear, jealousy, hatred, and pride.

Now watch Jesus.
See Him calm and unresisting.
Hear His quiet authority, whether He
speaks or
remains silent.
He is never stirred to self-defense and
remains unruffled by the injustice poured down on Him.
As the blood-thirsty furor intensifies,
He allows Himself to be swept along.

The One persecuted is at peace in the Father.
The Victim is in control.

Listen and sing:
Hymn: The Trial
Printed Music & Lyrics

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